‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Leaks, Everything We Know So Far

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is currently in the process of developing Phase Five, also known as the second installment of the Multiverse Saga. Marvel Studios, a division of The Walt Disney Company, is expanding its storytelling horizon by integrating different superhero teams beyond the central Avengers. Kevin Feige disclosed during San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that the MCU plans to unveil teams specifically designed to address a diverse range of threats, encompassing challenges at the “cosmic-level,” “supernatural-level”, and those at the “street-level.”

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Leading the expansion of superhero stories on Earth are none other than Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil, now designated as Marvel’s street-level “team leaders”. Marvel Studios is now tasked with the challenge of reintroducing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to the current MCU audience, given the character’s absence since the conclusion of the Netflix Marvel Daredevil (2015) series, which was previously discontinued in 2018 after the announcement of Disney+ (Disney Plus).

Goodbye, Daredevil “Reboot”

The fan-driven #SaveDaredevil campaign has made an impact on Disney, leading to the revival of the Man Without Fear for a new Disney+ series titled Daredevil: Born Again. The initially announced 18-episode run has been reportedly adjusted to better align with the structure of the previous Netflix series seasons — likely releasing 13 episodes for the season.

It seems that Disney and Marvel Studios are making significant modifications to the initially reported plan, steering Disney+’s Daredevil: Born Again away from the initially proposed “reboot” and bringing it closer to a “Season 4” continuation of the Netflix show — much to the fans’ excitement.

She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) and Daredevil (Charlie Cox) chat in Marvel's 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'
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Devotees of the Mature-rated Netflix series directed by Drew Goddard finally succeeded when Kevin Feige brought back the Big Bad that fans love to hate, the endlessly intimidating Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), to play a pivotal role as the main antagonist in both Hawkeye (2021) and Echo (2024). This leads up to a significant reappearance in Daredevil: Born Again — and the possibility of featuring in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4, pending agreement with Sony.

This “street-level” story has been years in the making — but significant bumps along the way meant that its final form did not come easily to Marvel.

Why Did Kevin Feige Restart Daredevil: Born Again From Scratch?

After Kevin Feige revealed that Born Again would function as a soft reboot for the series, fans expressed concern over noticeable casting changes that raised questions about the show’s trajectory. The seemingly arbitrary recasting, such as Sandrine Holt replacing Ayelet Zurer as Vanessa Fisk, and the notable absence of Matt Murdock’s best friends and law colleagues Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page and Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson stirred apprehension within the Marvel fan community.

Kingpin and Daredevil with the Born Again title
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It is likely that these growing fan concerns, coupled with Marvel Studios’ recent lukewarm reception, influenced Feige to abruptly discard the first half-season’s worth of content, which included the immediate dismissal of all writers and creatives involved, choosing instead to start anew.

After the creative revamp of the series, filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (Moon Knight, Loki) took on the directorial duties for the upcoming episodes. Philip Silvera, the stunt coordinator of the famed “hallway fight” scene who had previously worked on the Netflix series, was brought in.

Daredevil‘s new “Season 4” is currently being filmed on location in New York City, with leaks constantly happening as fans spot key characters from the original series returning — alongside other new baddies. Leaks and reports from insider sources have also begun to corroborate the existence of several central plot points related to the show’s intriguing rogues’ gallery.

Daredevil: Born Again‘s Villains, So Far

Seeing as Born Again’s plot will likely revolve around the theme of villains and vigilantes, it’s crucial that we take a deeper look into the baddies of the upcoming Marvel television series.

Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

Let’s start with the obvious, shall we?

As mentioned above, the MCU’s Kingpin has already been carefully reintroduced to current Marvel audiences, having been the only original Defenders-era villain to return to the MCU at large. Now that Feige has retconned the idea of a total “Season 1” reboot of the Daredevil franchise, the “Mayor Fisk” storyline from the Marvel Comics will likely play out in full — with the now-canon Netflix shows’ continuity in mind.

One notable storyline involving Mayor Fisk is the “Daredevil” comics arc titled “Daredevil: Mayor Fisk,” written by Charles Soule. In this storyline, Wilson Fisk successfully runs for and becomes the Mayor of New York City, creating a complex dynamic between the criminal underworld and the political landscape.

The portrayal of Mayor Fisk often explores the challenges faced by superheroes like Daredevil as they navigate a city where the line between crime and politics becomes increasingly blurred due to the Kingpin’s influence. Mayor Fisk’s crusade against vigilantism will certainly play a big role in Daredevil: Born Again, resulting in the reintroduction of Frank Castle/Punisher (Jon Bernthal) from his own (previously abandoned) Netflix Daredevil spinoff show, The Punisher.


In Marvel Comics, Muse is a villain who first appeared in “Daredevil” (2016) #9, created by writer Charles Soule and artist Ron Garney.

Muse from the "Daredevil" Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Muse is an artist with a disturbing and macabre twist to his work. He sees himself as a creator, driven by a twisted sense of artistic inspiration. His methods involve using human body parts and blood to create his gruesome masterpieces. Muse becomes a formidable adversary for Daredevil, bringing a psychological and visceral element to their confrontations.

The character adds a dark and unsettling dimension to Daredevil’s rogues’ gallery, challenging the hero both physically and mentally. Muse’s artistic approach to villainy sets him apart in the Marvel Universe, contributing to the psychological depth of Daredevil’s narrative.

Seeing as Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page narrowly skirted her Marvel Comics-canon death at the end of Season 3, it’s unfortunately likely that Page meets her end at the hands of Muse in this new series.

Bullseye/Benjamin Poindexter, AKA Dex

In the Daredevil Netflix show, Bullseye is portrayed as one of the primary antagonists during the third season, played by Wilson Bethel. The character’s real name is Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, and he is initially introduced as an FBI sharpshooter with exceptional accuracy. As the season progresses, Dex becomes influenced by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, and ultimately transforms into the iconic Marvel Comics villain Bullseye.

Dex’s journey to becoming Bullseye involves a series of psychological manipulations and traumatic events, showcasing his descent into madness. His exceptional marksmanship skills and ability to turn nearly any object into a deadly projectile make him a formidable adversary for Daredevil.

With the end of Season 3 teasing his return — with perhaps a new, additionally terrifying Vibranium or Adamantium spine — the recent confirmation of Dex’s return in Born Again is another worrying prospect for the protagonists of the new Daredevil show.

White Tiger

Recent reports and leaks have confirmed the presence of what appears to be the MCU’s iteration of the White Tiger from the Marvel Comics.

White Tiger leaping toward an enemy with a white tiger behind him
Credit: Marvel Comics

The White Tiger is a superhero identity assumed by several Marvel characters, each with a unique story and background. The first White Tiger, Hector Ayala, debuted in “Deadly Hands of Kung Fu” #19 in 1975. He gained superhuman abilities from a magical amulet passed down through his family — the most likely candidate for Born Again, as the actor appears to have a masculine frame.

Over the years, different characters have taken up the mantle of White Tiger, including Angela del Toro, a former FBI agent, and Ava Ayala, Hector’s niece. Established in 2004’s “Daredevil”, Angela del Toro has been a prominent White Tiger in more recent comics. She possesses enhanced strength, agility, and senses and a suit that grants her advanced martial arts abilities. Ava Ayala, introduced in 2011, is another notable White Tiger who wields a mystical amulet that enhances her physically and allows her to communicate with the White Tiger spirit.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
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Seeing as Marvel Studios appear to be centering Born Again on the “Mayor Fisk” plotline from the Marvel comic book world, all of these reports of various vigilantes running rampant around New York (specifically, Hell’s Kitchen) are likely going to converge by the end of Daredevil: Born Again, and wrap up in Spider-Man 4 — effectively establishing Holland’s Spider-Man and Cox’s Daredevil as the big wigs of Marvel’s street-level heroes before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars ropes them into more Multiversal shenanigans.

Are you excited for Daredevil: Born Again? Is there a villain or plot point we might have missed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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