CONFIRMED: Universal Orlando Shutting Down Iconic Location

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A wide view of Universal CityWalk during the day at Universal Orlando Resort.

Credit: Universal CityWalk

Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed the official permanent closure of one of its iconic locations this year in CityWalk, rumored to make way for something much bigger and better for all guests to enjoy.

A wide shot of Universal CityWalk located inside of Universal Orlando Resort.
Credit: Universal

Universal Orlando CityWalk Location to Permanently Close After Two Years

A rumor was first released about a Universal CityWalk location that was due to shut down this year. But at the time, Universal has not confirmed the news until today. According to multiple theme park insiders and news outlets, the Universal Legacy Store is shutting down on January 7.

NEW: The Universal Legacy Store at Universal CityWalk will close this weekend. Universal says the closure will “make way for an exciting new experience.”

The Universal Legacy Store at Universal CityWalk will close effective Jan. 7, according to Universal Orlando, to make way for “an exciting new experience.”

Opening in 2021, the Legacy Store replaced the original Universal Studio Store. It focused on the nostalgia and history of the Universal Orlando Resort since its opening in 1990 – featuring props, photos, and costumes throughout the store.

Universal Orlando Resort sign at Universal CityWalk
Credit: Universal Orlando

Universal’s remarks on making way for “an exciting new experience” could be leaning towards something for Epic Universe, which is set to open between the next 12 to 18 months. An article from Universal Parks News Today detailed a rumor that the location closing down will be to make way for an Epic Universe preview center, giving guests a taste of what’s to come in 2025.

As Universal Orlando gears up to unveil its latest theme park in 2025, the anticipation is complemented by the imminent debut of the Epic Universe Preview Center in 2024. Nestled strategically within CityWalk, this location offers an enticing glimpse into what’s to come, and its accessibility without the need for a park ticket ensures that it becomes a focal point for many visitors strolling through. While the closure of the Universal Legacy Store may evoke a sense of nostalgia, the prospect of the Epic Universe Preview Center brings forth an exhilarating wave of excitement. It promises to be a hub where curiosity meets anticipation, providing an intriguing preview that adds another layer to the unfolding narrative of Universal Orlando’s ever-evolving attractions.

Concept artwork for Universal Epic Universe, its fourth theme park set to open in 2025.
Credit: Universal’s Epic Universe

Despite the visible construction and ongoing ride testing, Universal Destinations and Experiences has maintained a shroud of secrecy around Epic Universe. While the theme park is taking shape, the official information from Universal Orlando has been sparse.

The imminent launch of the Epic Universe Preview Center, strategically positioned in CityWalk, hints at a forthcoming unveiling of details, although the timeline for its opening remains uncertain. Given the intricacies of setting up such a center, eager enthusiasts may have to exercise patience for a few months before exploring it.

This deliberate timeline not only allows for the preparation of an engaging preview experience but also suggests that Universal may be planning a series of official announcements to build anticipation and excitement before the doors of the Epic Universe Preview Center swing open.

What are your thoughts on the Universal Legacy Store closing down? Do you believe the rumors surrounding what will replace this CityWalk location?

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