James Gunn Confirms New ‘Wonder Woman’ Star Casting

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Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman on the battlefield

Credit: Warner Bros. / DC

DC Studios chief James Gunn has confirmed a new Wonder Woman star for his upcoming DC Universe, who will make her debut in the animated Creature Commandos series on Max.

Wonder Woman villain Circe
Credit: DC Comics

In response to a fan on Threads, James Gunn revealed that British actress Anya Chalotra had been cast to voice Circe, one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies, in Creature Commandos. The filmmaker also revealed that there would be additional notable actors voicing characters in the series, though he declined to give details, saying, “Yes. And there are other cool characters in the show played by other cool actors. But all of the series regulars were announced.”

A Threads comment from James Gunn
Credit: Threads/@Jamesgunn

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Circe is one of Diana of Themyscira’s longest-running villains in DC Comics, first introduced in Wonder Woman #37 in 1949. The character is based on the mythological figure of the same name from The Odyssey and has been consistently portrayed as a scheming, immensely powerful sorceress for decades. In some continuities, Circe is a descendent of Titans, god-like beings related to the Greek Olympians, giving her a direct familial connection to Wonder Woman herself.

Circe in the DC Animated Universe
Credit: DC Studios

The villainess has previously appeared in the DC Animated Universe series Justice League Unlimited (voiced by Rachel York) and Justice League Action (voiced by Laura Post), as well as various video games, but has yet to make a live-action debut. James Gunn did not respond to another fan question asking if Anya Chalotra would also portray the character in a potential live-action project, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Any Cholatra in The Witcher
Credit: Netflix

Anya Chalotra is best known as Yennefer in the enormously popular Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, where she co-starred with Henry Cavill (since replaced by Liam Hemsworth). Joining Creature Commandos will be a huge step forward into a new mega-franchise, even if she is only confirmed for a voice role right now.

Gal Gadot posing as Wonder Woman
Credit: DC Studios

It is currently unknown who will portray Wonder Woman in James Gunn’s new DC Universe. Gal Gadot portrayed the character beginning with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and continuing in two solo movies, as well as numerous other projects. While it seems impossible that the rebooted DC franchise will not involve Wonder Woman in some future project, Gunn has not yet announced an actress or project confirmed to directly involve the Amazonian superhero.

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