DeSantis Board Takes Bids To Change Disney World Forever

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Ron DeSantis in front of Disney World Cinderella Castle with the CFTOD logo

Credit: DeSantis/CFTOD/Disney, edited by ITM

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board appointed by Ron DeSantis is now officially taking bids from contractors to figure out what to do about Walt Disney World Resort and how the entire district around it will be run in the future.

Mickey Mouse statue with Ron DeSantis
Credit: Disney/Fox, edited by ITM

Governor DeSantis dissolved the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the special tax area where Disney World is located and which the House of Mouse had run for decades, last year in what the company has described as political retaliation. Since then, there’s been nothing but chaos, mass employee exits (and layoffs), and allegations of insider dealing and ethics violations.

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Despite that, the CFTOD board is plowing right ahead and looking to decide exactly how the former Reedy Creek needs to be changed, which will doubtlessly have a huge impact on Disney World and its operations.

The DeSantis-picked board is asking contractors to “assess the current organization and develop a prioritized list of reform strategies with associated action plans for implementation” and is “soliciting proposals from experienced firms to provide dedicated staffing for an operational assessment.”


What this translates to is that the CFTOD wants to hire an outside agency to evaluate decades of Disney governance and decide what it wants to change. So far, there are two bidders, Ahvanguard LLC and MGT of America Consulting, but it can be reasonably expected that this will be a heated competition.

The former Reedy Creek signage inside of Magic Kingdom Disney Park in Disney World with Ron DeSantis looking shocked.
Credit: Inside The Magic

It also can be assumed that the CFTOD is not going to be especially inclined to be helpful to Disney, considering that it already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to commission a report accusing the company of years of financial mishandling and “bribing” Reedy Creek officials with Disney World perks and passes.

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Whichever company the CFTOD chooses in the bidding process will be responsible for determining how the new district operates, which de facto means it will be determining the rules by which Disney World runs. This could have enormous effects on one of Disney’s crown jewels, which has already been in repeated conflict with DeSantis and his board.

Ron DeSantis looking sad with Mickey Mouse laughing on his shoulder
Credit: NBC/Disney/Inside the Magic

We will update with further information on the bidding process as it becomes available

Inside the Magic reached out to the CFTOD for comment, but has not heard back by the time of publishing.

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