Arrest Made After Racist Altercation in Disneyland Bathroom

in Disneyland Resort

A woman making racist comments in a Disneyland bathroom / A man is forcibly placed in handcuffs.

Credit: @_eva4eva via Instagram / Riverside County Accountability via YouTube

Police arrested a man this week after he protested outside the home of the woman caught on video spewing racist remarks in a Disneyland Resort bathroom.

Eva Ramírez (@_eva4eva on Instagram) shared this video after a woman screamed at her family for speaking Spanish in a Disney Park bathroom. In the video, the woman screamed expletives at the family and commented on their nationality.

The woman accused Ramírez and her son of taking the bathroom stall she needed for her disability, though she had recently exited a standard stall. She and her son reportedly used a larger bathroom stall “for mothers with children,” not one marked with a disability placard.

Two guests watch the fireworks nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Park.
Credit: Disney

“I’m sharing this because Racism starts at home,” Ramírez explained. “People have access to several resources, but still make the conscious choice to continue to be ignorant. Never thought I’d experience this and I thought I’d ignore someone like this, but in the presence of my son no one will scream at him nor me what language to speak in‼️”

The video went viral, with internet sleuths quickly identifying the woman. Some took it a step further, protesting the racist comments outside her Apple Valley, California home.

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On Sunday, the YouTube channel Riverside County Accountability shared a cellphone video of police officers arresting well-known street vendor activist Alex Enamorado. Days later, the original video appears to have been removed.

It’s unknown how Enamorado discovered the woman’s address. According to KTLA News Los Angeles, police haven’t publicized his charges.

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