Disney+ Will Be the World’s Most Popular Streaming Service in 2024, Analysis

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The Walt Disney Company will finally overtake Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and all the other competition in the streaming wars in 2024, as a new analysis predicts that the company’s controversial merger of Disney+ and Hulu will make it the most popular streaming service in the world.

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Since it was launched in 2019, the streaming service has struggled to compete with Netflix, which has long dominated the world of streaming services in terms of subscribers, content, and popularity. Even with its vast catalog of animation, Marvel Studios shows and movies, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, National Geographic, The Simpsons, and Pixar, the platform has been unable to outdo shows like Stranger Things and Wednesday in popularity.

However, according to a new report from the London-based Ampere Analysis, 2024 will be the year in which that will change. After Disney+ and Hulu fully merge in March (as announced by Disney CEO Bob Iger), the new app will have a larger catalog of content than its old rival Netflix and, even more importantly, will dominate the most popular titles in streaming video on demand (SVOD).

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The Disney+/Hulu merger will increase the app’s catalog to approximately 9,500 titles, overtaking Netflix’s ~8,300. Some of those titles are already shared between the existing service and Hulu, and some will likely be removed for various contractual reasons before the March merger, but either way, it will finally have a larger catalog than Netflix. That said, Prime Video will still have the world’s largest streaming service catalog of content at ~10,800, but that’s not the only way things are judged.

The analysis from Ampere also indicates that the merger will boost the app far above any other streaming service if current trends hold. As of the end of Q3 2023, Disney+ has 17 of the top 100 highest-performing streaming titles, and Hulu has 16. When the two services merge, that will make it 33, pushing it well ahead of Netflix’s 29.

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For comparison, Prime Video trails far behind with 11, Max holds 18, and Apple TV+ does not even rate. Naturally, by the time the merger goes through, there may be some change in those numbers, but all signs indicate that the combined Disney+/Hulu app will dominate in terms of popularity. Ampere analyst Joshua Rustage writes:

“With a combined app offering Disney+ and Hulu due to launch in the US in early 2024, its compelling new streaming content offer will surely shake up the status quo. The combined Disney+ and Hulu catalogue will provide one of the most well rounded and popular offerings in a single platform, upping the content stakes at a time when many are pulling back on content investment. Rivals will have to ensure their offerings remain competitive as the battle for viewing time intensifies, especially as the need to pull in advertising dollars is now also central to the streaming mix.”

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Disney+ will most likely pull ahead of Netflix in content and popularity, but it will still have to deal with the fact that streaming remains unprofitable for the Walt Disney Company and actually lost 14 million subscribers in the 2023 fiscal year.

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While parents might be concerned about the content controls of the combined app, the company will likely be unable to resist being able to resist creating a new, mega-popular Disney bundle streaming app, especially if it can finally outdo Netflix.

Inside the Magic reached out to Disney for comment on the Ampere analysis, but has not heard back by the time of publishing.

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