Disney Lifeguard Recalls Upsetting Experience With Guest

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A former Disney lifeguard speaks into a camera, pictured in front of the pool at Disney's Pop Century Resort.

Credit: Disney / @caitlinrae.s via TikTok

A former Walt Disney World Resort hotel lifeguard spoke out this week after nearly a year of harassment online. According to Caitlin Rae (@caitlinrae.s on TikTok), a guest filmed her backside during a difficult day at work and posted it online dozens of times.

The video went viral. Family and friends contacting the Disney lifeguard about it wasn’t even the worst part – eventually, Walt Disney World Resort management got involved.


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On TikTok, many creators start personal stories with, “Put a finger down if you…,” and end the story by putting their finger down. Caitlin shared her experience this way, hoping to make light of a difficult situation.

“Put a finger down if you started the Disney College Program in January and you got the role of lifeguard, which you’ve never done before, but sounds super cool and exciting,” Caitlin began, speaking in third-person. “So you go through the whole week of Ellis training, and you pass.”

Unfortunately, tragedy struck Caitlin’s family soon into her Disney College Program.

An empty pool with one bundled up lifeguard standing in the corner.
Credit: Reddit user u/hawkxor

“On your first day of on-the-job training, you find out that your grandmother died that very same morning,” she continued. “So all your trainers know about it and are very contentious the whole entire training week so that you can go to her funeral.”

Before leaving for her grandmother’s funeral, Caitlin had to test out of Disney lifeguard training. Unfortunately, it was 55 degrees in Central Florida that day, which was not the best for repeatedly getting in and out of the water.

Caitlin passed her test. Knowing she was grieving (and freezing cold), her trainer suggested she pop into the hot tub to warm up. The seemingly mundane moment was turned into a months-long nightmare.

Big Blue Pool at Disney's art of Animation
Credit: Disney

“You go into the hot tub, and you make a conscious effort to talk to guests because, hey, you’re a cast member; what else are you supposed to do?” she recalled. “And someone behind you actually takes a video of you and posts it on TikTok, and it goes viral.”

Friends across the country saw the video. Caitlin’s Disney lifeguard trainers and leaders got involved to prevent higher-ups from punishing her for online attention. Eventually, they succeeded in getting the video removed.

But it didn’t end there. The TikToker continued posting the video repeatedly, hoping it would go viral again. Some commenters claimed that she posted it more than 20 times.

disneys caribbean beach pool
Credit: Disney

“People are saying that I’m peeing in the pool and that I am a switcher, whatever that means,” the former Disney lifeguard recalled. “She continues to post it and try to get clout off [my] backside… Can you please stop posting that?”

Caitlin’s storytime garnered tens of thousands of views, with hundreds promising to report the video if they saw it. Eventually, the woman who posted it agreed to take it down.

“We had a long convo and she took down all of her videos, she wants me to take down this one but I posted it as a joke in the first place,” the former Disney cast member wrote in an update. “[Deleting] all comments [that] @ her to prevent bullying and harassment towards her.”

It’s best to ask for consent when filming anyone at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort. While videoing a Disney Character meet & greet is expected, other Disney cast members might not want to be recorded at work. 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks experience. No two experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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