Netflix’s Iconic ‘Bridgerton’ Show Officially Replaced

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Bridgerton characters Simon (L) and Daphne (R)

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No one can deny that Netflix’s Bridgerton has quickly become one of the most popular shows on the streaming platform.

Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment industry with its extensive library of original television shows. Since venturing into original content production in the early 2010s, the streaming giant has become a powerhouse in the world of television. One of Netflix’s notable strengths is its ability to cater to a wide range of tastes.

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Whether you’re into drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, crime, or documentary, you’ll find a show that suits your preferences. The platform has also given many creators the creative freedom to explore unconventional and niche themes, resulting in critically acclaimed series like Stranger Things for sci-fi and horror fans, The Crown for historical drama enthusiasts, and The Witcher for fantasy lovers.

Netflix’s original television shows have gained significant recognition in terms of awards and critical acclaim. Series like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black helped establish the platform’s credibility as a producer of compelling, groundbreaking content. The global reach of Netflix allows it to collaborate with talent from around the world, giving rise to international hits like Money Heist and Dark, which have attracted viewers well beyond their home countries.

(L to R) Argyle, Jonathan, Eleven, Will, and Mike in 'Stranger Things' Season 4
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Netflix’s “binge-watching” model, where entire seasons are released at once, has also transformed how people consume television. This approach enables viewers to immerse themselves in a series at their own pace, contributing to the platform’s popularity. Of course, one of the most popular shows on the platform today is none other than Bridgerton.

Bridgerton, created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, is set in early 19th-century Regency-era London. The show is based on Julia Quinn’s book series of the same name and is known for its blend of period drama and modern sensibilities. It quickly became a sensation for its captivating storylines and intricate characters.

Leading the series is Phoebe Dynevor, who portrays the charming and determined Daphne Bridgerton, while Regé-Jean Page shines as the enigmatic and dashing Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable and central to the show’s success. The Bridgerton family, which includes Jonathan Bailey as Anthony, Claudia Jessie as Eloise, and Nicola Coughlan as Penelope, adds depth and complexity to the story. Additionally, standout performances from Adjoa Andoh as Lady Danbury and Julie Andrews as the voice of the mysterious Lady Whistledown contribute to the show’s overall charm and intrigue.

While many fans have been waiting for news on Bridgerton Season 3, it seems the show may be getting a replacement.

Credit: Netflix

The Buccaneers is loosely based on Edith Wharton’s final, unfinished novel and is set in the late 1870s. It revolves around five affluent young Americans, two pairs of sisters, namely Nan and Jinny St George (Imogen Waterhouse), and Lizzy and Mabel Elmsworth (Aubri Ibrag and Josie Totah, respectively). Their journey begins when they receive invitations to England from the new husband of their friend Conchita (Alisha Boe). Conchita, now married to an English lord (Josh Dylan) after a passionate whirlwind romance, is pregnant, setting the stage for their enthralling adventures in the English high society of the era. The show is an Apple TV+ original.

According to reports from BBC, it’s being considered “the new Bridgerton.” This stylized period series, reminiscent of Netflix’s highly popular shows, follows the journeys of five young American women trying to find their place in English high society. Neil Armstrong, writing for the BBC, emphasizes the show’s potential for success.

“A costume drama revolving around society events in which a duke falls in love with a beautiful young woman from a wealthy family, soundtracked by modern tunes and filled with instantly meme-able scenes? It is a truth universally acknowledged that a streaming service with a good fortune must be in want of a Bridgerton. Any similarity to the Netflix series is presumably purely intentional. Will it be as big a hit?,” the BBC report shares.

The Apple TV+ series makes a bold statement from the very beginning with a fantastical scene in its opening episode, according to the report. Debutantes at the Grand Debs Ball in London descend a magnificent staircase, where they are meticulously scrutinized by the young men of society. Adorned in splendid gowns, these young women pause to display paddles with numbers, while observers jot down notes and evaluate them as though they were livestock at a cattle market.

Nan St George, portrayed by Kristine Froseth, views this spectacle through a critical lens. She is a smart and proto-feminist American heroine, a close friend of two of the debutantes, who is appalled by the dehumanizing nature of this event. Upon overhearing a middle-aged man’s vulgar comment about the young women, she boldly confronts him, asserting that these women are more than mere objects, uninterested in his opinions and indifferent to his social status.

The first three episodes of The Buccaneers will be available for streaming on Apple TV+ beginning November 8, 2023.

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