Millie Bobby Brown Confirms She’s Moving on From ‘Stranger Things’ With Latest Project Update

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Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in 'Stranger Things'

Credit: Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown first broke out on the Hollywood scene as Eleven, the strange girl with strange powers in the Netflix original series Stranger Things Season 1 in 2016. She quickly won the hearts of millions with her emotional acting and raw talent, and has since gone on to appear in the Godzilla franchise movies and Netflix’s own Enola Holmes movies as the titular character.

Recently, Brown has also released a novel, titled “Nineteen Steps,” and has expressed her desire to be done with the Stranger Things series. Back in August, the star sat down with Women’s Wear Daily and discussed her desire to continue to grow her career, stating:

“I think I’m ready. It’s been such a huge factor in part of my life, but it’s like graduating high school, it’s like senior year. You’re ready to go and blossom and flourish and you’re grateful for the time you’ve had, but it’s time to create your own message and live your own life.”

Stranger Things Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard, left) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown, right) dating
Credit: Netflix

With the fifth and final season of the smash hit Netflix series on the horizon, several of the show’s stars have admitted to being ready to move on, including David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper) and Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), and with the Duffer Brothers back at the writing table preparing for the final season, it seems as though the stars of Stranger Things will be getting their wishes granted.

Although Brown may be ready to move on from Stranger Things, it appears as though she isn’t done with Netflix just yet. According to an article from Collider, it seems as though Enola Holmes 3 is officially in the works, as another installment in the ongoing franchise focusing on Enola Holmes, Sherlock’s younger sister who follows in his footsteps. But what can we expect from this exciting new installment in the Enola Holmes series?

Enola Holmes inspecting a piece of paper
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix Vision for Enola Holmes and Millie Bobby Brown

Netflix’s Head of Netflix Film, Scott Stuber, recently shared his enthusiasm for Millie Bobby Brown and the potential for expanding the Enola Holmes universe. In a conversation with Collider’s Steve Weintraub at The Egyptian Theatre Hollywood, Stuber expressed his delight in working with Brown and their aspiration to continue the story of Enola Holmes.

Stuber said, “You know, she’s such a great homegrown star for us. I mean, obviously, Stranger Things is huge for us in that, and watching her grow as an actress. We have a film called Damsel with her in the spring, which I’m really excited about, [from] Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Then, getting that character right. The Holmes IP is weirdly elastic. Obviously, Warner Bros. did an incredible job with Downey and Jude Law, so this idea that we can extend that IP with her is exciting. So, we’re working once again on a screenplay to try to get that. But yes, aspiration. I’d like to do another one.”

With Stuber’s words, it’s clear that Netflix recognizes the star power of Millie Bobby Brown and the potential for Enola Holmes to become a beloved franchise. 

Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown, center), with brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill, left) and Mycroft (Sam Clafin, right)
Credit: Netflix

What Is Enola Holmes 3 About?

Of course, because the script for Enola Holmes 3 is still in the works there’s no way of knowing exactly what the plot will be. However, if we look back at where Enola Holmes 2 left off, we can glean some clues about the third installment of the Enola Holmes franchise.

By the end of the second film, Enola had opened a detective agency in London behind Edith’s jiu-jitsu studio, with her close friend and romantic interest Tewksbury by her side. Their budding romance is sure to take a larger role in the third installment.  Enola’s older brother, the iconic Sherlock Holmes, played by Henry Cavill, now has his most trusted assistant in the form of Dr. John Watson.  Meanwhile, it seems that Sherlock’s most infamous and dangerous opponent, Moriarty a.k.a. “Mira Troy” is on the loose and set to be the main antagonist for both the Holmes siblings. The stage is set for an intriguing continuation of the Netflix Holmes universe, with Enola’s detective skills and her family’s legacy at the forefront.

It’s worth noting that the first Enola Holmes film, released in 2020, was a massive hit for Netflix and remains one of the most-watched Netflix original movies. The success of the first two films and the eager anticipation for a third installment underscore the audience’s appetite for Enola’s adventures. Part of that success is undoubtedly a fanbase that had respect for Millie Bobby Brown’s acting prowess and a desire to see her in a feature film as the lead role. 

Enola Holmes aiming her bow
Credit: Netflix

The Rebound Needed for Henry Cavill?

In addition to the excitement surrounding Enola Holmes 3, there’s also been some speculation about the future of Henry Cavill, who has portrayed the iconic characters of Superman and Geralt of Rivia in the DC Extended Universe and Netflix’s own series, The Witcher, respectively. With his departure from these roles, some wondered about Cavill’s next move.

One possibility is that Cavill may find a home in Netflix originals, much like Brown. With Netflix’s track record of producing popular and successful content, it could be a promising avenue for the talented actor to explore new opportunities. Cavill still has the star power to bring fans of his previous work to streaming networks while still making his silver screen appearances (like he did with Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018)).

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher
Credit: Netflix

Alternatively, there’s the tantalizing prospect of Cavill and Brown teaming up once again to continue the Enola Holmes series past its upcoming threequel. Their on-screen chemistry and the franchise’s established popularity could make for a powerhouse combination. If Enola Holmes 3 delivers as hoped, it could further solidify their partnership as a dynamic force in the entertainment industry.

Enola Holmes 3 is on the horizon, and fans of the franchise have every reason to be excited. 

Have you seen Enola Holmes? Are you excited to see Millie Bobby Brown back in the spotlight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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