Henry Cavill Reboot Picks Up Where ‘John Wick’ Stops, Says Director

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John Wick (Keanu Reeves) having his mouth covered by Superman (Henry Cavill)

Credit: Lionsgate/Warner Bros/Inside the Magic

Henry Cavill is going to one-up Keanu Reeves’ iconic assassin, John Wick, according to director Chad Stahelski.

Keanu Reeves in a black suit in John Wick 4
Credit: Lionsgate

If anyone could make that claim, it would be Chad Stahelski, who directed all four of the John Wick movies (the first co-directed by an uncredited David Leitch). The ultra-violent action series has grossed over a billion dollars so far and has begun spinning off new franchise projects, like the Continental series and the upcoming Ana de Armas film Ballerina.

Among the Lionsgate Films franchises, John Wick is only bested in box office grosses by The Hunger Games and Twilight series and is widely credited with revitalizing Keanu Reeves’ career as an action star.

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Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert in Highlander
Credit: Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment

Director Chad Stahelski intends for his upcoming reboot of the Highlander series starring Henry Cavill to outdo all of that. In a recent interview (via Screenrant), the filmmaker and former stuntman revealed that the complex mythology of Highlander will allow him to do all the things John Wick couldn’t because, well, those characters can die. He says, “It’s a playground for everything that I love about the John Wick series, and everything that I can’t do in the John Wick series, because I’m dealing with mortals, so it gives me another realm to play in.”

Henry Cavill has been attached to the Highlander reboot since 2021, but it was only recently confirmed that he will be playing Connor MacLeod, the immortal Scottish warrior played by Christopher Lambert in the original 1986 film. If the director is to be believed, this new reboot will have a whole lot of intense, highly choreographed violence for Cavill to experience.

Henry Cavill as Geralt
Credit: Netflix

Stahelski goes on to call the Highlander reboot “[A] natural evolution of worldbuilding and potential behind that is more than any other property that I’m attached to. And I know that, so hopefully, that’s where I’ll put my energies and whatever talent I have.”

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The original Highlander film starred Christopher Lambert as a member of a race of secretly immortal individuals, who have battled each other throughout history in order to achieve a mysterious prize known as “the Quickening.” Also, they only die if their heads are cut off. The film co-starred Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, and although it was not a theatrical success, an enormous, sprawling franchise of TV shows, sequels, books, video games, and more has developed.

While many of the Highlander sequels have been direct-to-DVD or relatively low-budget, the presence of Henry Cavill all but ensures that this latest version of the series will be a more prestigious project. After all, you don’t cast the guy behind Superman, Geralt of Rivia, and whatever Argylle is if you don’t want audiences to pay attention.

Henry Cavill in close-up in Argylle
Credit: Universal Pictures

Will Henry Cavill be able to make a Highlander reboot work? Who would win in a fight, Connor MacLeod or John Wick? Battle it out in the comments!

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