See First Look at Pedro Pascal in ‘Fantastic Four’

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Pedro Pascal smiling goofily over the Fantastic Four logo

Credit: Lionsgate/Marvel, edited by Inside the Magic

Pedro Pascal is currently the reported frontrunner to play Reed Richards, Mr Fantastic himself of the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we have a glimpse at what that will look like.

Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin without a helmet on
Credit: Lucasfilm

The Fantastic Four movie is one of the more mysterious future projects for the MCU, with almost nothing being known about it other than that it will be directed by Matt Shakman and has cycled through writers Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer and, most recently, Josh Friedman.

However, fans of the First Family are less interested in the technical details of who is behind the Fantastic Four than who will actually play some of Marvel Comics’ most iconic characters: Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing.

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Pedro Pascal, Reed Richards?

We recently reported that The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal is currently in talks to portray Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four, although Marvel has not yet given a full confirmation that he has accepted the role. At this point, the casting of the beloved Last of Us actor is being hotly debated by fans, many of whom are already rejecting him for not having the right “look.”

Jake Gyllenhaal's goofy smiling head edited on top of John Krasinski's Mister Fantastic body
Credit: Marvel Studios, Daniel Richtman on X

For months, rumors have swirled that Jake Gyllenhaal would play the role (he is alleged to have turned it down over salary), while Adam Driver and Matt Smith have both been mentioned as potential members of the Council of Reeds.

The character has been portrayed in film numerous times before, notably by Ioan Gruffud in the Fox Fantastic Four movies and Miles Teller in the attempted 2015 reboot. Even more recently, John Krasinski briefly appeared as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) after years of fervent fan-casting, making him the first to play the character in the MCU.

John Krasinski as Reed Richards fantastic four
Credit: Marvel Studios

Now, it appears to be Prince Oberyn Martell at the bat to join the Fantastic Four.

A First Look at the FF

Although there is always the chance that Pedro Pascal will be the next of many actors to turn down the role, the chances that he will play Reed Richards seem pretty good.

Popular Instagram digital artist @subi.ozil recently created fan art of Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, giving us a glimpse at how the actor could be portrayed in the upcoming movie. Check it out:

Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four in fan art
Credit: Instagram/@subi.ozil

In this image, Pedro Pascal appears wearing a version of the classic blue and black Fantastic Four uniform, which notably resembles that of the Fox franchise X-Men. He also has greying temples, an iconic part of the character, and is sporting a beard, a more modern interpretation of Reed Richards’ look.

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Who Else Will Be Cast?

At the moment, there is no sure knowledge of who might be playing any of the Fantastic Four. Vanessa Kirby has frequently been rumored to play Sue Storm, with many reporting that part of the issue of casting Reed Richards is that the script is heavily centered around the Invisible Woman. Both Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm are also unknown, although Stranger Things breakout star Joseph Quinn is a fan-favorite choice.

Hopefully, Marvel will make some decisions soon, and we can finally know who will actually play the First Family!

Would Pedro Pascal make a good Reed Richards? Who else could portray him? Give us your casting notes in the comments below!

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