“Disney’s Customer Service Method” Tested By Scholars

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It might come as a surprise to those who’ve had negative encounters with Disney’s customer service, but it is actually a paradigm taught in universities and businesses across the world.

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Walt Disney Company as a Hospitality Leader

The idea of Walt Disney’s customer service philosophy is one of scale. Considering the sheer volume of guests that attend any Disney park, the need for customer service is paramount. While there are always complaints (the squeaky wheel getting the grease), the consensus is that Walt Disney World customer service is the ideal paradigm.

Disney, in effect, sets the standard against which to judge anything else of a similar scale in the hospitality industry. Scholars contributing to the Management and Administrative Professional Review conducted a study to evaluate the perceptions of hotel guests when customer service professionals use the Walt Disney Company model.

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Theme Park and Hotel Experience: Disney’s Customer Service

Whether it’s Disney Parks or smaller companies, any theme park, resort, or hotel needs a certain level of customer service. It reduces liability and increases brand loyalty when done correctly. The study showed that, when using the Disneyland Resort technique for customer service in Petropolis, it could “diagnose their perceptions.”

The data was gathered using a series of questionnaires issued to willing participants. These dealt with issues like applicable privacy laws, the ethics of targeted advertising, and the overall impression of customer service quality.

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Walt Disney Company Customer Service Test Results

Once the final results came in, it proved a surprising point about Disney, the value of guests, and balancing customer service with consumers’ rights and the quality of attraction. Even outside of a Disney Park setting, the approach to cancellations, reservation tech, and more was mirrored with incredible attention to detail.

“Improvement Proposals” Suggested

The study revealed that the Walt Disney Company’s approach to customer service is a proverbial gold standard. Any improvements would exceed customer expectations, according to the report. In a time when social media perception informs us through a daily onslaught of frightening information, it’s nice to see that Disney’s customer service paradigm does hold water.

What do you think about the quality of guest care during your last Disney theme park visit? Share your take below!

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