Disney Seems To Prove It Has No Competition With Universal

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Earlier this week, The Walt Disney Company had its Q4 Earnings Report, sharing information on the previous quarter’s earnings and discussing what is still to come for the parks and entertainment sectors of the company.

During the call, Disney shared an updated “Upcoming Parks and Experiences” slide, with expected upcoming attractions and experiences. Unfortunately, the slide only seems to prove one thing: the Disney parks currently have no major plan to try and compete with the opening of Epic Universe at the Universal Orlando Resort in 2025.

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The slide showed Disney’s plans for the next three years, but many fans were surprised to see the reveal and its apparent lack of substance. Since the 2020 COVID pandemic, Disney has been working hard to revitalize the parks and re-establish itself as the premiere entertainment company in the world.

Unfortunately for them, the Universal Destinations & Experiences (aka the Universal theme parks) have also taken large steps in recent years to close the perceived gap between the two theme park giants. Their next park, Epic Universe, is set to open in the summer of 2025 and promises to be a huge step forward for the company and another competitive offerings in the Orlando area.

An empty Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Orlando Florida
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Disney’s upcoming “Parks and Experiences” info was shared online to a lackluster reception. Disney insider @ScottGustin shared the image on Twitter, currently known as X, which left many commenters scratching their heads.

Many pointed out the lack of substantial park offerings, especially considering Universal’s upcoming park addition. “A reskin of one ride and more DVC resorts won’t be enough to fight off the upcoming 3rd Universal which will inevitably draw crowds and more away from due to their overall cheaper prices and deals. What will they do to really bring in people? Just don’t get it, announce something” said @ab84_ny.

Universals Epic Universe opens in 2025 and all the Disneyland resort and Walt disney world is receiving the next 2-5 years is rethemes of existing attractions or hotels. Talk about being complacent and losing their way completely LOL,” replied @OhtaniWanKenobi.

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“It’s absolutely mind blowing that Disney is putting on their focus everywhere but WDW…the only area that has MASSIVE competition opening in just over a years time. Then, when Universal draws people away, Disney will take 5-6 years to build anything to truly complete. It’s wild,” pointed out @DereksTravel.

This mindset was the majority of the reactions, with many calling it “sad,” “disappointing,” and “underwhelming.” In past years the two theme park companies had a more even “fight” when it came to park offerings. Universal opened lands based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to a smashing success, and in response Disney licensed and opened a land based on the highest grossing movie of all time, Pandora – the World of Avatar. The back and forth between the two seemed healthy as competition typically breeds innovation but in recent years some worry that the path forward for Disney is far rockier than it should be.

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger in front of Cinderella Castle
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User @HankRearden1 summed up the main concerns many have by saying, “Universal out there building whole new parks with cutting edge attractions. Disney is re-skinning walkthroughs and adding more timeshare units.” At the moment, Disney seems primed for a rude awakening come 2025 unless they can refocus their efforts when it comes to their parks and resorts divisions.

What do you think about these shared plans for the Disney parks? Do you think Disney has secret plans in the works, or are you disappointed in their projected offerings? Let us know in the comments below!

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