With Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Delay, Studio Officially Lacks Major 2024 Release

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Snow White looking scared

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It’s no secret that multiple projects across television and film have been pushed back or outright suspended for the moment, including projects from Disney, Marvel, and other major studios. The biggest reason is the ongoing actors’ strike, which at the moment surrounds SAG-AFTRA in their attempt to negotiate a fair deal with the major studios.

In response to the lack of projects in production over the last 200 days, the studios have been pushing back releases until actors are able to be involved in their marketing and are also spreading out the releases that do happen. Movies that are expected to be blockbuster releases like Dune: Part Two and Deadpool 3 are not immune to these delays, as the former was pushed to an early 2024 release rather than its previous November 2023 date and the latter has been indefinitely delayed, further affecting Marvel’s release schedule.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool scaling a wall in 'Deadpool'
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Now, Disney is dealing with even more delays as two major films have been pushed from 2024 to 2025. Pixar’s Elio was expected to be the studio follow-up to the surprisingly successful Elementalwhich faced an initial disappointing box office performance but quickly rose to compete with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and saw one of the most successful Disney+ releases this year.

“The original feature film introduces Elio, an underdog with an active imagination who finds himself inadvertently beamed up to the Communiverse, an interplanetary organization with representatives from galaxies far and wide. Mistakenly identified as Earth’s ambassador to the rest of the universe, and completely unprepared for that kind of pressure, Elio must form new bonds with eccentric alien lifeforms, survive a series of formidable trials and somehow discover who he is truly meant to be.”

You can watch the trailer for Elio below:

Originally Elio was slated to come out before Inside Out 2 on March 1, 2024. However, the film has been delayed to June 13, 2025, with Inside Out 2 still holding its current release date of June 14, 2024. However, Elio isn’t the only movie Disney decided to delay.

The upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been highly controversial from its beginning, thanks to several changes the film has taken with its new direction. Comments from star Rachel Zegler (West Side Story, Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes) have only seemed to add fuel to the fire, igniting arguments across the board about the new “woke, feminist” version of Disney’s original animated film.

Rachel Zegler as Snow White in the Disney live-action version of Snow White
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As the controversies surrounding the film have continued to pile up, it seems as though Disney has taken notice. In addition to pushing Elio back a year, the live-action Snow White remake has also been pushed from its original March 22, 2024, release to March 21, 2025. However, with both of these movies now pushed back to 2025, it leaves Disney without any major film release for spring 2024.

With the writers’ strike starting back in May and the actors’ strike still ongoing, the film industry has effectively been shut down for the better part of the year, affecting upcoming projects and delaying dozens of films that had been in production when the strikes started. As such, several studios have started to pivot their businesses, releasing streamed originals onto broadcast television, moving planned stream releases to a theatrical release, and threatening to cancel several other potential projects.

Rachel Zegler on a still of Snow White looking shocked
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Without having been able to work on anything this year, it’s unclear exactly what other projects Disney has up their sleeve. What is clear, at least at this point in time, is that with Disney’s Snow White now delayed, the studio officially has no spring release to speak of, leaving that entire release slot empty. While Pixar has Inside Out 2 next summer, Disney itself has nothing.

It’s possible that the studio wanted to be sure they would have something to release in 2025, and are hoping to ride the potential success of Wish for as long as possible, but for now, fans will have to wait for Disney’s next big release and their next live-action remake.

What do you think about Disney not having another major release until 2025? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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