“Disney Adult” Complains After Character Wouldn’t Speak Spanish

in Walt Disney World

An adult guest meeting Mirabel in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. She smiles awkwardly once she realizes Mirabel doesn't speak Spanish.

Credit: @tiffonate via TikTok

A social media content creator met criticism online this week after complaining that one of Walt Disney World Resort’s Mirabel performers didn’t speak enough Spanish. Commenters called her a “Disney Adult” and accused the TikToker of trying to get the Disney cast member fired.

Meet Mirabel at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom

Mirabel arrived in September at the former Merida meet & greet in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort! Find her daily in the Fairytale Garden, located to the right of Cinderella Castle at the entrance to Fantasyland.

Mirabel at the Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

“Share stories with Mirabel about home, family and the things that make each of us special,” Walt Disney World Resort writes. “Step into the courtyard outside of Casa Madrigal. Mirabel is eager to make new friends and knows that everyone is important and needed just as they are.”

“Loving and genuine, Mirabel will do anything for her family. She’s proud to be part of the amazing Madrigals and knows each one is special in their own way—including her.”

Check the daily entertainment schedule for Mirabel’s meet & greet times. Arrive early – her line often closes minutes after she begins meeting guests!

“Disney Adult” Complains

Mirabel spins in the Fairytale Garden at Magic Kingdom, her new Walt Disney World meet & greet location.
Credit: Disney

TikToker Tiffany Onate (@tiffonate) shared this video of herself meeting Mirabel at Magic Kingdom Park this week. In it, Mirabel speaks a bit of Spanish but appears perplexed after Onate tries engaging in further conversation:


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“This was my reaction when I learned that Mirabel doesn’t speak Spanish in Disneyland,” Onate said. The video now has over 6.7 million views.

*Editor’s Note: Some of this video was translated from Spanish to English and may not be a word-for-word translation. The meaning of Onate’s statements was preserved. 

At first, Onate spoke in English to Mirabel, telling her it was nice to meet her and that she looked amazing. Then, in Spanish, she asked, “You speak Spanish, right? How are you?”

Mirabel seemed confused at the first question but answered the second in Spanish, “Very well, and you?”

Mirabel Madrigal from 'Encanto' during the Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Then, Onate asked Mirabel how Casita, the Madrigal family’s home in Encanto (2021), was doing. Mirabel shrugged her shoulders and seemed flustered but quietly said something to the guest that made her realize she didn’t understand.

At the end of the interaction, Mirabel asked for “un abrazo,” a hug, trying to make the best connection with the guest possible. But Onate wasn’t happy.

“It’s known that Mirabel is Columbian, so she should know how to speak Spanish,” the TikToker said. “It bothered me a little, but I tried to stay calm and not make the girl feel bad, which, obviously, you could see on her face that she was scared, like, ‘They caught me. I don’t know how to speak Spanish, only certain words.’”

Mirabel Madrigal in Encanto
Credit: Disney

Commenters were overwhelmingly upset at Onate’s behavior and online complaint.

“Disney Adults 🫠,” @le_toche wrote.

“So?” @mannymandalorian asked. “We don’t expect Belle to speak French or Mulan to speak Mandarin. She knows the basics and is doing her job just fine.”

Mirabel from Encanto at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

“You’re going to get that poor girl fired!” said @mrs.martinez01. “It’s all good.”

“You just made his work 100 times harder putting her on the spot,” @hatersensato wrote.

Still, some agreed with Onate.

Mirabel and Dolores Madrigal talking in Encanto
Credit: Disney

“Mirabel is Columbian, @lizzy20091 said. “How can she not speak Spanish?”

“It’s not the actress’s fault,” @zaiturquesa commented. “No one said it was. It’s Disney’s fault for not doing the casting right.” 

“Exactly,” Onate replied. “Nobody is attacking anyone here. I’m just explaining how I felt at that moment.”

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