Mayim Bialik Unexpectedly Returns to ‘Jeopardy,’ Fans Furious

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Mayim Bialik hosting Jeopardy

Credit: ABC

Television personality and controversial actor Mayim Bialik has unexpectedly returned to the beloved quiz show Jeopardy despite massive fan backlash during her tenure as host.

Until recently, Jeopardy was co-hosted by Mayim Bialik and former champion Ken Jennings, who alternated the classic version of the show, and the Blossom star took over Celebrity Jeopardy. The pair had taken on hosting duties after the death of longtime host and television icon Alex Trebek, which triggered a bizarre period of chaos for the show.

After Trebek passed away due to pancreatic cancer, the show had a series of celebrity guest hosts for weeks until Jeopardy Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television announced that the largely unknown producer Mike Richards would lead the show permanently.

Richards quickly stepped down amidst allegations of workplace misconduct and resurfaced controversial podcast comments, and Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik were brought in to host.

However, the controversy did not stop there.

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Mayim Bialik and the Writers Strike

A very vocal faction of Jeopardy fans almost immediately took a dislike to Mayim Bialik, often accusing her of changing rules mid-game and having an unprofessional attitude (which, to be fair, the show’s producers had already talked to her about).

Those fans were extremely happy when Bialik announced she was stepping away from Jeopardy hosting duties in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America strike, loudly hoping that the new status quo of Ken Jennings as sole host would become permanent.

Although Jennings was criticized in some circles for not also departing the show during the writers strike, those anti-Bialik fans got their wish, and the Big Bang Theory actor was apparently ousted from the show in favor of making the former champion the face of the show.

The Return of the Co-Host

However, it seems that might be about to change. For the first time in months, Mayim Bialik has been featured in official promos for Jeopardy, indicating she might be welcomed back to the show.

The official Jeopardy Twitter account posted, “We bid you welcome to 13 Nights of #Jeoparween!, where the spookiest categories to ever haunt The Alex Trebek Stage make their presence known from now until Halloween night 🎃,” followed by an image of both Bialik and Jennings.

Bialik was also given a prominent credit at the bottom of the image, along with Jennings and announcer Johnny Gilbert, making it clear that this was not a graphic design error.

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‘Jeopardy’ Fan Reaction

As one might expect, Jeopardy fandom had some pretty strong feelings about Mayim Bialik potentially returning.

One Twitter user commented, “I’m sorry but not if she’s involved. I’ll only watch @KenJennings.”

While another posted, “Please please please have Mayim back. If not then just replace Ken with a good host.”

Still more connected Mayim Bialik to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, calling for the show to permanently ban her. We’ll just have to wait and see what the Jeopardy producers decide.

Should Jeopardy bring back Mayim Bialik as a host? Do you prefer Ken Jennings? Give us your answers in the form of a question below!

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