EPCOT Guests Kicked Out After Climbing on Restricted Stage

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In three stills from a video, a man climbs on stage at EPCOT, grabs the microphone from the performer, and gets kicked out of the Disney theme park.

Credit: u/Watson_365 via Reddit

A group of men were kicked out of Walt Disney World Resort after climbing onto a restricted stage at EPCOT. In an incident caught on video, the men stole microphones from a Disney entertainment performer in the Germany World Showcase Pavilion.

Sammy Milo at EPCOT

Sammy Milo plays daily at the Germany World Showcase Pavilion as part of the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. Check the daily entertainment schedule for updated showtimes.

Sammy Milo poses in red jerseys at the EPCOT Germany Pavilion stage.
Credit: Disney

“Stop by the Germany Gazebo and sway along to the infectious rhythms of Sammy Milo,” Walt Disney World Resort writes. “Milo is known for German pop that breathes jazz, neo soul and funk elements.”

Unruly Guests Kicked Out of Walt Disney World

In an undated but recent video posted on Reddit by u/Waston_365, two men climbed onto the Germany World Showcase Pavilion stage and stole microphones from the performers. They ignored repeated instructions to get down.

Causin a ruckus at Disneyland
byu/Watson_365 inImTheMainCharacter

After dancing for a bit, both men stole microphones and screamed into them. Disney security arrived quickly, forcing the men to step down.

“Please, guys, do not climb onto the stage,” one of the Sammy Milo band members said.

The video then cuts to Disney security escorting the guests out of EPCOT.

Guests in front of Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

“Done gotten kicked out for no reason,” the guest argued in a video recorded for social media. “All I did was scratch a mic from somebody and scream, ‘Let’s get it!’ That’s it. Oh well.”

The other guest involved in the incident threw his hands in the air but didn’t say anything else.

Commenters were disgusted with the guests’ behavior.

Te Fiti Statue with Spaceship Earth in the background at EPCOT in the new Disney attraction, Journey of Water Inspired by Moana
Credit: Disney

“Hopefully banned for life also!” u/DantesFirstBitch wrote.

“Grown man baby syndrome…,” said u/itsvoogle.

“…Anything for attention,” u/chuparrosa_91 agreed.

“Got kicked out for no reason?” u/RockNRoll85 replied. “Nah bro, you got rightfully kicked out for being a complete f**king dumb*ss.”

The Walt Disney World Monorail stopped over water in EPCOT.
Credit: @heylissalove on TikTok

This isn’t the first guest incident at EPCOT to go viral in recent days. On Monday, a man jumped off a bridge into the World Showcase Lagoon based on a dare from his party. Disney security cast members immediately responded.

If you witness inappropriate or dangerous guest behavior at Walt Disney World Resort, notify the nearest Disney cast member. They’re trained to handle difficult situations and can page Disney security to respond immediately.

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