James Gunn’s Social Media Photos Spark Huge ‘Superman’ Theory

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James Gunn is preparing to start filming Superman: Legacy in the spring of 2024. Despite the film’s production not happening for six months, Gunn has been busy scouting locations, with one image pointing to what has become a huge theory.

James Gunn with the Superman Logo
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Gunn has been a bit forthcoming with details about his new DCU film, including some plot elements that point to where Superman will be in his career as Earth’s protector. The DCU CEO revealed that Clark Kent will not have an origin story in his new film and is set to be well into his life when the film arrives.

Clark Kent will reportedly arrive on Earth, where meta-humans already exist. The story will then be about Kal-El having to take on the persona of Clark Kent and Superman while juggling his dual life. This has already been proven true by including Metamorpho (Anthony Carrigan), Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillion), and Hawkgirl (Isabela Merced) in the cast.

Though Gunn has revealed the story elements, he might have inadvertently given away that his new DCU film will feature the most famous Superman location.

James Gunn and Superman VFX Supervisor Visit Norway

Per @homeofdcu

‘Superman: Legacy’ VFX Supervisor Stephane Ceretti was in New York City with James Gunn the other day, now Ceretti posted a picture with the Northern Lights. Do you think they’re scouting locations? Fortress of Solitude?

James Gunn and the VFX supervisor Stephane Caretti recently met up in New York for a flight that led to Norway. The Northern Lights are shown in the story of Caretti’s social media page, which many sources indicate the pair could be location scouting. There would be only reason that the pair would head to the icy lands of Norway during this time, and that could be to find a suitable place for the Fortress of Solitude.

Though most fans know this to be the headquarters for Superman, it has yet to appear in the live-action films made during the DCEU era. The fortress is always in an icy tundra like the Antarctic or the Andes. Norway would be the perfect place for Superman: Legacy to place its secret lair.

The Fortress of Solitude also acts as where Clark Kent first discovers who he really is and his purpose on Earth. Man of Steel (2013) reworked this by showcasing the fortress as a downed vessel that once carried the Kryptonian people. Considering Gunn has already stated his version of the hero would be well into his years as the Last Son of Krypton, it would make perfect sense for him to have the Fortress of Solitude.

James Gunn also confirmed on the Threads app that, “No no shooting on soundstages in Atlanta – rest of film in places all over the world.”

Heading to Norway to pick a place for the Fortress of Solitude sounds accurate. Though we doubt that David Corenswet would be forced to film in subzero temperatures, the backdrop for the fortress could easily be shot with the beautiful landscape of the mountains in Norway.

Krypto the Super-Dog in DC Comics
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The SAG strike is holding back more information about Gunn’s upcoming Superman venture, though the director stated he will share more casting news when the strike concludes. We might also be getting more details regarding the plot, which could involve the confirmation that the Fortress of Solitude will be a part of the new DCU feature.

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