Iconic ‘Spider-Man’ Character Recast Amid Major Marvel Shakeup

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Marvel is going through a shakeup, as the TV universe has been hit especially hard with a new plan. Daredevil lost its writers and is headed for a complete overhaul. To add to the vast shakeups, an iconic Spider-Man character has also been recast.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man, Across the Spider-Verse background edit
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Spider-Man 4 has been in the works for quite some time, though the industry strikes have certainly halted things. Franchise star Tom Holland revealed that preliminary talks were happening to bring him back, presumably for at least one more film. Sadly, those talks stopped when the writer’s and actors’ unions began their strikes.

The WGA has successfully garnered a new fair deal with the producer’s union, though the SAG-AFTRA strike is nowhere near being worked out, according to recent reports. These strikes have hit Marvel the hardest, as the fan-favorite media company has been forced to rework its entire release schedule.

Considering Disney is now the company in control of Marvel, there have been many thoughts regarding the current state of the franchise’s offerings, especially its TV slate. Shows like Ms. Marvel, Secret Invasion, and She-Hulk failed to impress, and now the idea is to rethink the company’s entire strategy.

The biggest issue is the TV shows presenting themselves as “events” with only eight to ten episodes, or in the case of Secret Invasion, six episodes. The MCU aims to cultivate its TV programming to extend into multiple seasons, where character arcs can be thoroughly explored.

This is likely the case for the new animated Spider-Man: Freshman Year series, which has officially recast Aunt May.

‘Spider-Man’ Series Reveals New Aunt May

Per @MCU_Direct

OFFICIAL: Aunt May will be voiced by Kari Wahlgren in #MarvelStudios‘ SPIDER-MAN: FRESHMAN YEAR! Details: thedirect.com/article/marvel

Internet sleuths found out through the U.S. Copyright Office that a filing naming Spider-Man: Freshman Year has revealed the actress set to step into the role of Aunt May is Kari Wahlgren.

Wahlgren has plenty of credits to her name, as she has lent her vocal prowess to Rick and Morty, Kung Fu Panda: Legend of Awesomeness, and more.

This recast is a bit upsetting because it takes the role away from Marisa Tomei. Despite her version of May dying in Spider-Man: No Way Home in the place of Uncle Ben, the Multiverse could have easily brought her back. Tomei’s version of the character was something that comic fans had not seen previously, as she appeared as a more young and vibrant character that was constantly the butt of many jokes from Tony Stark. San Deigo Comic-Con did reveal the first look at Norman Osborn and Aunt May, though their ages have not yet been divulged.

Peter Parker meeting Norman Osborn
Credit: Marvel Studios

Interestingly, Spider-Man: Freshman Year is already doing some new things by allowing Norman Osborn to step into Peter Parker’s mentor role. This could easily set up the battle between them when Osborn is revealed to be Green Goblin. Then again, there are instances where Osborn is not a villain at all, and he could simply be a scientific mind for Peter to bounce ideas off of.

Kari Wahlgren, being cast as Aunt May, joins the likes of Zeno Robinson as Harry Osborn and Hudson Thames as Peter Parker. The new animated venture is still a ways from appearing on Dsiney+, but it seems to be a brand-new Spider-Man adventure that will add to the Web Head’s growing lore.

marisa tomei as aunt may parker
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Wahlgren might have also been able to appear in the series for more than one season, which Marisa Tomei might not have been willing to do. Based on the new way in which Marvel wants to rebrand its TV offerings, we imagine Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be awarded more than one season.

What do you think of Kari Wahlgren as Aunt May in the new Spider-Man: Freshman Year series? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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