Disney+ Series Becomes Unwatchable After Half of the Episodes Are Missing

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Disney disappointed fans by having one series completely unwatchable on Disney+ after only half of the episodes were available and somehow missing the opening episodes.

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Streaming platforms are not easy to run. With all of the new content cycling through them, there are bound to be a few mistakes, but premiers are not something Disney can mess up. It’s when the diehard fans and those slightly interested go in and watch the show and decide whether or not they stick around. That’s when some series have the most viewership, but if the series doesn’t even have the opening episode available, Disney misses out on that.

Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian started Disney+ off with a good start almost four years ago, and the rest has been history. Now, the streaming platform might not be making as much money as Disney would like, but it’s still one of the most popular streaming platforms out there with huge plans on how to make better content for fans going forward.

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Unlike Netflix and Max releasing adult dramas and movies, Disney uses its platform to add all their IPs under one banner. While this does draw in fans who may have skipped the theaters to see the latest Pixar film or Disney movie, the streaming platform still caters to a wide audience without focusing on making content just for adults. It’s supposedly only family-friendly, but Disney is gearing up to make more R-rated content in the next couple of years anyway.

Disney+ doesn’t just release Star Wars and Marvel series. They got several Disney+ originals meant for all age groups, ranging from shows like Bluey, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Disney has been adding more content to their streaming platform every year, but unlike Netflix, Disney+ typically relies on its big IPs like Star Wars and Marvel to carry the platform’s viewership numbers.

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That doesn’t mean their other series can’t make some profit, which is why it’s shocking to see Disney release the first half of Goosebumps and somehow mess up so terribly. The Hollywood Handle shared online on X/Twitter that only episodes 3 and 4 were visible to many Disney+ users who were frustrated to find the series unable to have the other three episodes available:

Disney accidentally only releases episodes 3 & 4 of ‘GOOSEBUMPS’ on Disney+, forgetting the first 2 and the fifth.

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The 10-episode season was supposed to launch today and release more episodes leading up to Halloween, and while the premise was good, it seems that Disney+ is still having some problems. This isn’t the first time a series has launched with errors, but it’s not great seeing a new series’s premiere start without the opening episode.

Obviously, Goosebumps wouldn’t get everyone to watch the series because not everyone is into the spooky themes surrounding Halloween. Still, it’s not great to see the streaming platform miss the mark. Disney does state that the error will be fixed as soon as possible, so there’s a chance, by the time you’re reading this, that the season is ready to go, as it should’ve been when it debuted.

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