Paramedics Called to Disney Park After Guest Vomits Blood

in Walt Disney World

Outside, look at Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Disney World with an ambulance rushing to an emergency.

Credit: Inside The Magic

Paramedics were called to a Disney Park after a guest was seen violently throwing up large amounts of blood.

A little girl receiving CPR by paramedics with the Tomorrowland entrance sign to the right.
Credit: Edited by Inside The Magic

Multiple Disney Park Incidents Reported Since Last Week

Inside The Magic has been reporting on numerous Disney Park incidents over the last week, which is nothing new for us. An older male Disney World guest was caught viewing pornographic material while standing in line for an attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

In another incident, a man jumped off a bridge inside EPCOT Park. The footage was posted on social media and entered several news outlets, including Inside The Magic. The reasoning behind the man’s leap is still unknown at this time.

A vaping accident led to a verbal altercation between several guests after someone was approached to stop smoking inside Disney World, which is already an illegal offense and could result in being banned for life if caught conducting this activity.

In another area of Disney World, specifically Magic Kingdom Park, a girl dropped to the ground unexpectedly and was rushed off to a nearby hospital by paramedics on the scene. The girl was with her family walking around Tomorrowland when she was seen hitting the ground out of nowhere by a nearby cast member who came to her rescue.

Red lights from an ambulance with Spaceship Earth to the left inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort.
Credit: Edited by Inside The Magic

Woman in Wheelchair Vomits Large Amounts of Blood as Paramedics Arrive on Scene

Earlier this year, a Disney World guest witnessed a horrific moment when they saw an elderly woman in a wheelchair with her head down and not looking too good.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

According to a Reddit user by the name of u/magusmccormick, who posted to the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit page, an older woman was rushed out of EPCOT Park earlier this year after a terrible incident.

Near the fountain at the front of Epcot earlier this year. An older woman in a wheelchair was sitting with her head down dripping blood into the ground. She said it was a bad nose bleed and she was fine. I called paramedics just to be safe and by the time they were in their way she was vomiting up pure blood. They had to take her to a hospital and I never heard what became of her but I had never seen that much blood come out of a person. It took custodial a half hour to throughly clean the area.

Guests walking around World Showcase at EPCOT
Credit: Inside the Magic

The guest above mentions the older woman sitting in her wheelchair with her head down, dripping blood “into the ground.” The guest approached the woman to see if they needed help. Emergency services were called, and the woman started to vomit up blood. According to the guest, there was so much blood that it took Disney custodial cast members “a half hour to clean the area thoroughly.”

The guest mentions how no word was heard regarding the woman’s condition. Hopefully, she was attended to in time and fully recovered in the hospital after her terrible experience while vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort.

in Walt Disney World

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