Disney Guests Outraged at Increasing Attraction Down Times, Blame Other Guests

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It seems like there’s been an increase in the amount of times various Disney attractions have gone down this year. Whether a maintenance issue or a guest issue, there’s been a ton of complaints about rides not being available to guests.

A trip to a Disney park is expensive as the prices of tickets, food, merchandise, and everything else continue to rise. Just earlier this week, it was announced that Walt Disney World would be increasing the price of their Annual Passes and Disneyland would be raising the price of Magic Keys (their version of Annual Passes).

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This is on top of the price increases the passes and daily tickets have already seen within the past few years as the company has been accused of trying to price out families in an effort to lower crowds at the parks. Disney CEO Bob Iger has previously stated that he disagreed with that practice and that prices had gotten out of control, but prices have continued to rise despite his comments.

With a Disney vacation costing as much as it does and there being a limited amount of time guests are able to spend at the parks, every minute counts on a Disney trip. For this reason guests often purchase Genie+ or Lightning Lane reservations in an effort to try and lower their time spent waiting in lines. Unfortunately, when an attraction goes down for any reason, it could add hours of waiting to every other attraction and could ruin your day.

Earlier this year, Disneyland opened their version of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Mickey’s Toontown. Unlike the version at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, the Disneyland version of the attraction was riddled with issues during its first few months of operation. Frozen and broken animatronics, missing and broken set pieces, and other issues plagued the brand-new ride, leading to a decreased experience and constant down times for the ride.

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We’ve also recently covered attractions like Space Mountain, “it’s a small world,” and Pirates of the Caribbean breaking down with guests on board. Unfortunately, in those reports, guests took matters into their own hands, jumping out of their ride vehicles and trying to exit the rides without waiting for proper evacuation orders from cast members.

Just earlier this week it was reported on Reddit that Grizzly River Run had to be evacuated, reportedly due to a guest jumping out of one of the ride rafts. According to the guest, the water had to be drained completely and guests were escorted off the ride. In response to this story, the comments were full of people condemning guests that seem to have made the Disney experience worse lately.

“What is with people getting out of ride vehicles lately??” asked u/m3thdumps. “I swear since the pandemic the general IQ of the average person dropped like 30 points. It’s just so selfish because ‘you’re not waiting’ or some shit…If the parks and CMs feel like they lost the magic it’s these people right here ruining it for everyone else.”

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“This is an example of how many ‘break downs’ are actually caused by guests being stupid,” u/WhyIsItAlwaysADP chimed in.

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“Just more evidence that all the complaints about Disneyland rides closing should be directed towards all the a**holes who go to Disneyland and do stupid selfish sh*t,” complained u/FlatBrokeEconomist.

As unfortunate as it is, it does seem likely that for as much as the Disney attractions experience downtime, some of it can be attributed to other guests not following the rules. Violating the safety rules can lead to being kicked out or banned from the parks and it just isn’t worth the handful of seconds it might save you or the clicks it might get if shared to social media.

Have you ever experienced a ride being down due to another guest? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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