Disney Abandons Walt’s Instructions for the Studio

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Walt Disney with Mickey Mouses

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Disney has honored a century of animated glory this year as the Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary. But even decades after Walt first put pen to paper, have those in charge truly honored his wishes?

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To say that the Walt Disney Company has undoubtedly changed since its founder’s day is a grand and glorious understatement. However, can anyone really say whether or not things are as Walt would have wanted them?

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Although the last few years have been anything but kind to the studio, Disney remains one of the undisputed titans of the animation, film, and theme park industries. That’s all well and good, but how does the state of the company stack up against the literal instructions left by Walt Disney himself?

Walt Disney Returns for 100th Anniversary

100 Years of Wonder characters
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Corporate policies, discord, and statuses aside, Disney fans definitely have a lot to enjoy as the company celebrates a century of existence. All media is saturated with the Disney name, from special events at Walt Disney World and Disneyland to re-releases of classic movies and specials on TV.

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As much as various outlets want to celebrate the contributions of the Disney company like Mickey Mouse, the Disney theme parks, Disney Princesses, and animated movies like Beauty and the Beast (1991) and The Lion King (1994), much has also been said about Walt Disney as an immortal icon. As much as the company has paid tribute to his legacy, have they really upheld his wishes?


Walt Disney gives his advice on running Disney and it’s parks for after he passes followed by the ending of Once Upon A Studio “when you wish upon a star” #disney100 #waltereliasdisney #waltdisney #mickeymouse #onceuponastudio

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@waltdisneyworldparks on TikTok shared this video that pairs Walt Disney’s very words with the final sequence of Once Upon a Studio (2023). As emotionally charged as the video is, it brings a rather unfortunate situation to light. How far has Disney strayed from its namesakes designs and desires?

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At Walt’s own words, his instructions for maintaining his parks were as follows.

“Give the public everything you can give them, keep the place as clean as you can keep it, keep it friendly. Ya know, make it a real fun place to be. I think they’re convinced and I think that’ll hang on even, as you say, after Disney.”

It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that many hard-core Disney fans are disappointed with the way things have been run in recent years, especially on the corporate side of things. Inside the Magic has countless articles of fans sharing just how much things have shifted from Walt’s original intents, but the comments below the video speak volumes.

@donnahoward636 writes,

“I think Walt would be disappointed with them changing his Disney characters in some of his Disney movies and the way the movie was made.”

Further down, @mmaybaums adds,

“What a shame that the people Walt wanted to entertain and built the parks for can no longer afford to go.”

And @meheh simply cuts to the quick when they comment,

“He said listen to the people clearly they not listening.”

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Although it’s certainly bold to speculate the wishes of a deceased artist, it’s hard to deny quite Walt really wanted when Disney has footage of him saying it on the record. Whether or not they have kept his which is highly debatable, but the magic is far from gone.

Do you think Disney has honored Walt’s wishes? Let Inside the Magic know why or why not in the comments down below!



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