DeSantis Loses Popularity, Disney Sees a Promising Future

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Ron DeSantis with Mickey Mouse statue

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The numbers are coming in, and as DeSantis loses his foothold in Florida, it reveals the possibility of a more promising future for Disney amidst the “woke wars” and property law battles.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle in the background as the sun sets.
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Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

There is a rich history between the Walt Disney Company and the State of Florida, but Gov DeSantis only took the United States political role in 2019. After that, the “woke wars” started with a “Don’t Say Gay” philosophy. Disney reacted with inclusion, allegedly leading to retaliation in changes to the Reedy Creek District.

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Since that time, it’s been all about lawsuits, land rights, special privileges, and public records filled with disputes about government accountability, the Republican Party, and a world of changes inspired by the ideology supported by former President Trump.

Donald Trump and Disneyland
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Reports Show That DeSantis Loses His Foothold in Florida and Nationally

After engaging in largely philosophical politics with the Walt Disney Company, making board changes in the Reedy Creek area, and firing State Attorney Andrew Warren, Governor Ron DeSantis sealed his fate in public opinion (for better or worse).

After a recent poll, it appears that when comparing former President Trump with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the South Florida representative and head of the Sunshine State, he is not doing himself any favors.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis holding a Walt Disney World Annual Pass with Magic Kingdom in the background and money falling all around.
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Recent reports show that former President Trump got 58% favor among voters. Whatever “narrow lead” Florida Gov Ron DeSantis held over Nikki Haley (former U.N. ambassador) appears to be shrinking. Most of the attention seems to the president who preceded President Joe Biden.

Ron DeSantis giving a speech in front of the Florida flag
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Republican History in the Sunshine State

Various Florida Department relationships with Disney are positive and have been historically. Governor DeSantis made changes that, to the opinion of his party and those who support him, were positive for parenting autonomy and family-forward ethics.

It doesn’t change the numbers, though, with Walt Disney World being one of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations. Estimates show that it rings in $120,000,000 in property taxes alone.

Ron DeSantis and Minnie Mouse in Disney World
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That doesn’t include the secondary and tertiary benefits to the economy through travel, accommodations, and general spending.

The same is true for the Walt Disney West Coast presence. Gavin Newsom from California has garnered ample attention during challenging political times everywhere, from the United States to internationally.

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What This Means for Walt Disney World in Florida

Throughout history, the Walt Disney Company has been a Florida center for tourism, drawing traffic to the state and contributing to facilitating a retirement economy.

While Governor DeSantis kicked a wasp nest during his tenure, the appreciation for his impacts in Florida doesn’t come close to the support still held by Donald Trump fans.

Public opinion holds ample political sway, and as the Republican talks garner more attention, the DeSantis administration comes further under the microscope.

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