Dead Body Discovered Inside Disney World Hotel

in Walt Disney World

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A guest tells the horrific moment they encountered a dead body inside a popular Disney World hotel.

An exterior aerial shot of the Grand Floridian Resort inside Walt Disney World.
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Disney World Hotel Death and other Disney World and Disneyland Incidents Reported Over the Last Several Weeks

Several incidents have occurred inside Walt Disney World (WDW) and Disneyland over several days and weeks. Some guests had to evacuate from a major Disneyland roller coaster after an unknown incident. The incident occurred at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, located inside Frontierland at Disneyland Park.

A supposed wild man was caught running through an attraction inside Disney World at the Magic Kingdom Park. It is unknown at this time whether or not the man was arrested or taken away by Disney security.

In the latest incident report from Disney World, multiple guests were injured while riding an attraction or visiting the resort over the last quarter. Like most theme parks around the country, WDW is open to ensuring transparency regarding any incidents that occur inside the parks.

But sometimes, some accidents and incidents take place that are not reported for some reason or another by WDW and end up having to be told in another format.

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Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

In a Reddit post from the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit page, multiple guests stepped out and discussed the most disturbing thing that they have witnessed at the hotels or parks inside of Disney World. One of those stories, unfortunately, ended in tragedy after a dead body was discovered by another guest inside the Grand Floridian Resort, which is one of Disney’s top-rated and sought-after hotels on the property.

According to u/mommysmarmy, they waited for a long, extended period inside the lobby as they checked in for their vacation. The guest was managing a child with sensory issues who was one year old. The guest decided to get the child a snack and wandered around the corner of the lobby searching for a trash bin when they discovered parademics with a stretcher holding a body covered in a “black bag.”

Aerial view of the Grand Floridian at Disney World
Credit: Disney
A body bag stores, isolates, and transports a deceased person. They are used in the early stages of disaster victim identification. Body bags are sealed in the presence of investigating police members. This process ensures that no fibers or trace evidence are lost. Black body bags are still in general use. Other typical colors include Orange, Blue, and Gray.
The guest could not provide any more information on the serious matter that unfortunately occurred inside one of Earth’s most magical and happiest places. Although natural, incidents such as this can be shocking and disheartening for anyone involved or anyone who comes across the scene of the incident, like this guest.
Rest assured, WDW is fully capable of handling these matters with professionalism and compassion, as the passing of a loved one, especially while vacationing, can be challenging to deal with and come to terms with. We hope the person who passed on did so peacefully and was surrounded by those they loved at their untimely death.
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in Walt Disney World

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