Crime at Disneyland Area Spikes, Experts Blame Economy

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Crime at Disneyland is growing, impacting visitors and locals alike.

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Crime at Disneyland and Disney World

There are crime issues for any Walt Disney Park or Disneyland Resort. Even cruises aren’t immune. Yet, according to the Anaheim Police Department that oversees Disney Park in California, crime is on the rise.

The Anaheim Police Department uses a crime mapping tool to indicate the relative level of crime close to Disneyland Park. It can help travelers to visit safely by addressing 15 types of crime, highlighting it over the course of a week. These issues range from petty theft to serious traffic issues that Orange County would oversee.

Crime Numbers Broken Down for Anaheim

242 crimes were recorded in the area surrounding the theme park in Anaheim. These include petty theft, assault, theft, gun violence, and traffic incidences, to name a few. Each of these crimes occurred between October 15 and October 21, 2023.

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Because it is such a tourist-dense area, awareness of crime becomes a different sort of California Adventure. The resource enables visitors to gauge the crime levels in the area using a city news service that coordinates with the Anaheim Police Department. This allows Disney Park guests to be prudent but doesn’t necessarily clarify the reason there is so much crime.

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Tough Economy Drives Crime at Disneyland

According to the United Nations, data collected by police from 15 countries mapped incidences of homicide, robbery, and car theft throughout the financial crisis during 2008 (one of the best-recorded incidences of a recession/depression). It shows that crime directly relates to a tighter economy, with troubles impacting “vulnerable populations” more.

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The report suggests that desperation is a source of the struggle for those committing crimes, though it doesn’t offer direct solutions to those who might be the victim of a crime. Instead, there are standard safety approaches to take when visiting any theme park.

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How to Go to Disneyland California Adventure Safely

Once inside the Disney theme park gates, the security at the resort kicks into gear and facilitates a safer experience. However, there are a few things to do that can facilitate a safe and fun Southern California vacation. Be careful in any parking structure. Always create a plan for communication and make a clear point for the family.

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Beyond that, visitors should share travel information and an itinerary with a trusted friend or family member. Researching transit is important, as is gaining a familiarity with the Disneyland Park you plan to visit. If traveling abroad, ensure that you know where the closest embassy is, though Disney Parks is known for customer service that facilitates a positive experience.

Disney Springs New Safety Protocols
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Crime Within Disneyland

Though the Disney Cast Members and security team make significant efforts to prevent crime in the theme park, there are instances of impropriety and illegal acts. However, compared to the sheer volume of guests that the park sees, the number is negligible.

Crime within the resort’s walls appears to be significantly lower than in the surrounding area. To facilitate safety, make plans to get to and from the resort from accommodations to optimize your fun and safety.

Have you ever experienced crime in California? Share your take in the comments below!

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