‘Bob’s Burgers’ Actor Charged With Felony in Shocking Trump Connection

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Bob's Burger Actor gets arrested | Scene from the show | Credit: Disney Represents Citizen Arrest at Disney Park

Credit: Disney

Iconic Bob‘s Burgers actor charged with felony offenses leaves fans enraged at the voice actor’s startling misdeeds.

Bob's Burgers (TV Series 2011– ) - Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Jay Johnson was picked up by law enforcement on charges related to crimes from over two years ago. The nature of the acts is a sharp contrast to the values the show promotes. This alone makes the fact that Bob’s Burgers actor charged the Capitol in support of Trump so extreme. It actually led to his firing from the role on the show.

Jay Johnston, the Bob's Burgers actor charged
Credit: Disney

Bob’s Burgers quickly developed a cult following after its release in 2011. The dark comedy series is now on its 15th season. It was such a popular franchise that Disney released a theatrical Bob’s Burgers movie that’s still available on Disney+ for streaming.

The news of Jay Johnson, voice actor of Jimmy Pesto, resulted in massive fan disappointment. Sadly, this revelation is not the first tragedy to hit the beloved show about a family and the burger restaurant they run.

'Bob's Burgers' actor charged with felony and this is art showing its cult following | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

The latest is the arrest, and the stigma it could cast on the show. Because of Johnson’s alleged role in the Capitol Riots of January 6, 2021, he received charges on several counts, the most severe of which comes with a potential 10-year jail sentence.

Charges include civil disorder, a severe enough charge even if it wasn’t associated with such extreme events. Per an affidavit set forth by an FBI agent, Johnston joined the crowd of Trump supporters, confronted police officers, and held a stolen shield before passing the property to others.

The Bob's Burgers Movie: High-Quality Images From Official Trailer | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

The same affidavit shows that Johnston “was close to the entrance to the tunnel, turned back and signaled for other rioters to come towards the entrance.” He was released on $25,000 bond after initially appearing at court in California.

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Credit: Disney

As for the future of the show, there are likely many voice actors up to the challenge of Jimmy Pesto’s tone. Bob’s Burgers is a scrappy show, just like the family it follows.

The fact that Disney relieved Johnston of his duties shows it holds steadfast to its values, even in the face of disappointment.

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