Community Rallies Around Disney Amid Contentious Lawsuit

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A fun-filled family trip to Walt Disney World turned into a nightmare for Emma McGuinness, who recently filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Yet despite the claims, it appears that the community is in support of Disney.

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Severe “Gynecologic Injuries” Claimed in Disney Lawsuit

In her lawsuit, McGuinness claims to have suffered severe “gynecologic injuries” while riding the Typhoon Lagoon water park’s tallest slide, Humunga Kowabunga. The Disney World ride is a 214-foot tall water slide at the Typhoon Lagoon water park in Florida, known for its breathtaking speed and thrilling descent.

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Walt Disney World Ride Took a Turn for the Worse

According to McGuinness, her ride took a horrifying turn when, after zooming down the slide at speeds of up to 40 mph, she abruptly came to a stop in the standing water at the ride’s bottom. This sudden halt caused her swimsuit to painfully wedge itself, resulting in immediate and severe internal pain.

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As if that wasn’t bad enough, McGuinness reported that she began bleeding profusely as she stood up. Her injuries included “severe vaginal lacerations,” damage to her internal organs, and a “full thickness laceration” that caused her bowel to “protrude through her abdominal wall.” These injuries are not only physically traumatic but also emotionally distressing.

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Walt Disney Company Faces Numerous Lawsuits

McGuinness’s lawsuit, filed in Orange County, Florida, where the park is located, alleges negligence on Disney’s part. It refers to a trip taken in October 2019. The incident left her hospitalized and seeking damages of at least $50,000. Because of the nature of litigation related to injury, the individual has time before filing to allow for a reasonable assessment of damages.

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Walt Disney World is often in the news for its legal battles with Florida Gov Ron DeSantis. However, Walt Disney Parks, including those in Central Florida, has civil litigation, including injury claims. It’s seen lawsuits related to disclaimers on Disney property, issues with the monorail system, and other ride-related injury claims.

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This Walt Disney World lawsuit alleges that the entertainment giant failed to warn riders of the risk of such injuries adequately and did not provide protective clothing, like shorts, to minimize the risk. Walt Disney World has not yet issued any comments regarding the lawsuit.

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Reactions to the Incident at Walt Disney World Waterpark

Disney’s United States website describes Humunga Kowabunga as a thrilling ride where guests “race down Mount Mayday at a 60-degree angle” without knowing what awaits them at the 214-foot descent. According to many commenters (with full notes available here), this ought to function as reasonable enough of a disclaimer.

I went on Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach several years ago, was told no water shoes, zippers etc and keep ankles crossed so no injuries happen. I did what i was told and yes from force my feet did uncross but I recrossed them. I was early 20s then and knew better.” – Fed U.

“There is not one water slide that you don’t cross your ankles, and the water slide wedgie happens to men and women.” – Diana

Many considered it to be similar to the McDonalds lawsuit; suing for the purposes of litigation, to get a payout or attention.

“Just like the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit.” – Holmes. H

“You gotta be kidding me. It is her fault, just looking for a payday.”– Mike S.

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It’s important to note that park safety rules prohibit guests from wearing shoes, flotation devices, goggles, or swim masks on this slide. Before sliding down, riders are instructed to cross their ankles to reduce the risk of injury. However, the lawsuit alleges guests are not adequately informed about this injury risk.

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Florida Officials and Courts to Handle Litigation Against Walt Disney World

McGuinness insists that she followed the recommended position before the ride began. Nevertheless, during her descent, her body “lifted” and became “airborne,” increasing the chances of her legs becoming uncrossed.

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When she hit the standing water at the slide’s base, her swimsuit wedged painfully between her legs, causing water to enter her body forcefully. According to the lawsuit, this led to the traumatic “wedgie” and subsequent injuries.

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Pain, Suffering, and Trauma Remain Focus of Walt Disney World Lawsuit

The lawsuit emphasizes that the risk of a painful “wedgie’ is more common and more severe for women due to their anatomy, making Disney’s negligence in addressing this issue all the more concerning.

The world will watch how Disney responds to these allegations as the legal battle unfolds. The Walt Disney Company is continually embroiled in lawsuits, ranging from simple developer agreement disputes to retaliation claims against the Florida government.

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However, when a guest gets injured, it’s not a matter of politics. Instead, it falls to the legal system to determine how state law applies. Emma McGuinness’s story is a stark reminder that accidents can happen even in the most magical places on earth, and safety must always be a top priority.

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