Christian Actress Caught at Disney World Denies Going “Woke”

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Sadie Robertson with Mickey Mouse

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Sadie Robertson, the hugely popular Christian actress and speaker, says that Disney World didn’t make her “woke.”

Sadie Robertson in God's Not Dead 2
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The Duck Dynasty star, also known under her married name as Sadie Robertson Huff and as the granddaughter of Duck Commander founder Phil Robertson, was recently seen on a family vacation at Florida’s Walt Disney World, the iconic theme park that has become somehow synonymous with “woke” culture and progressiveness since Governor Ron DeSantis and former Disney CEO Bob Chapek became embroiled in a feud over support for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Just days after being criticized online for posting about events at her LO Conference, Sadie Robertson was hit with another huge backlash online. Although fans initially merely pointed out on social media that Robertson was seen at Disney World, it was not long before the “woke” accusations began flying.

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Disney World and “Woke” Culture

Recently, Governor DeSantis claimed in an interview with Bill Maher that the Walt Disney Company had essentially started it, saying, “Well, first of all, [Disney] picked a fight with us,” said the presidential hopeful. “This idea of ideology-corrupting institutions, I see it in Los Angeles with the amount of crime that’s here and the homelessness.”

Ron DeSantis
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The battle between Disney World, “woke” culture, and the conservative right has been heavily focused on the battle between DeSantis and the theme park, which has escalated to a series of lawsuits over the corporation’s First Amendment rights and the dissolution of the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Since DeSantis dissolved Disney World’s special tax district, it has been reformed as the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, complete with a controlling board handpicked by the governor that immediately ran into state ethics violations, backlash over reneged employee perks, and a huge tax bill.

Along with all this, many members of the evangelical Christian community have come to see Disney World as a hotbed of “woke” politics and have protested the theme park, as have multiple neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

Cinderella Castle from the left side on a sunny day, a still image from the Walt Disney World Nazi demonstration

Sadie Robertson Huff’s Vacation

Sadie Robertson addressed the backlash over her Disney World vacation and its “woke” implications on her WHOA That’s Good podcast, denying that merely visiting the park meant that she agreed with the House of Mouse’s politics.

Regarding her trip, Robertson said, “My holiness isn’t defined by where I’m at, it’s defined by who is in me…So, I’m not all of the sudden—this is what people say on Instagram—‘Oh, if I’m in Disney World, that means I stand for everything Disney stands for. That means that I agree with everything that Disney says.”

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The I’m Not Ashamed (2016) actress went on to say, “No…[If] I go to a place that might have sinners around that doesn’t mean I all of a sudden become a sinner…I think that, you know, what the scripture is kind of telling us is like we don’t need to judge people who make it a determination to [go or] not to go to Disney… Disney is one example. There’s a gazillion, you know, once you start going down that road.”

We will have to see whether her explanation satisfies her Christian critics.

Was Sadie Robertson being a hypocrite for visiting Walt Disney World? Does it mean she’s gone woke? Tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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