Disney Bans Accessibility Item From Parks, Confiscated Immediately

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If you have ever been to Walt Disney World Resort, you know that for the most part, many things are allowed into the theme park. That being said, Disney is located on private property and because of that, they are allowed to create their own rules and limit what can and cannot be brought into the theme parks.

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We already know that things like selfie sticks, gum, violent objects, inappropriate clothing, and alcohol are not allowed, but the latest addition to the list has many guests concerned for those with disabilities, which is starting to become a wide spread Disney park issue, in a variety of different ways.

When guests visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland, many expect to wait in long lines. Attractions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom can quickly get to 120 minutes of waiting on a regularly crowded day, while attractions like Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can climb to four hours or more on busy days.

For some guests, waiting in those long lines is a dealbreaker, which is why Disney Genie+ was created. Disney Genie+, the paid aspect of the system, allows guests to use the Lightning Lane when their return time strikes — which has replaced the previously free FastPass lane.

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Then both theme park resorts have a la carte options where guests must pay varying costs per ride, per person to ride the attraction. Disney Genie+ costs will vary depending on the day and Park you visit. Disney World has a sliding scale from $15 to $35 per ticket per day, and Disneyland ranges from $25 to $30 per day. As you can imagine, this can become quite costly and will still not allow you to skip all attraction lines all day.

For guests with specific disabilities, there is a Disability Access Service (DAS) pass, which allows you to wait virtually for your ride and scan into the Lightning Lane once your wait time is over. guests can now select the ride they want to stay for in their My Disney Experience app, making it even more convenient than the previous system, requiring you to go to the attraction to start your wait.

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Recently, we shared that at Tokyo Disney Resort, things were a little more complex for wheelchair users. A new rule has been put in place that does not allow wheelchair users to bring their wheelchair through the queue unless they are traveling with a guest. So, if someone in a wheelchair came to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea, they would not be allowed to ride any rides unless they ditch the wheelchair before getting into the lines.

Some lines at Tokyo Disney Resort can easily take hours to get through, which means that those who rely on a wheelchair for seating as much as possible would have absolutely no way of riding the popular attractions alone, even if they are fully able to wheel themselves through the line, get out of their chair at the loading station, and then exit the ride vehicle at the end of the ride to go back to their wheelchair.

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Now, in Walt Disney World Resort, and potentially Disneyland Resort, another item that some guests may use for disability reasons has been terminated.

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A popular object that we have been seeing in theme parks as of late are collapsable chairs. When guests use them they are able to shrink them and expand them on command. Many use them as a way to sit in long lines. Now that Disney no longer accepts mobility issues as part of their Disability Access System pass, guests who have issues walking and standing for long periods of time can no longer use the service and have to find another solution. For some, carrying a wheelchair around all day is not the answer as it is not needed for walking, but only sitting. Therefore, these collapsable chairs became all the rage.

Recently, we shared a TikTok by Disney cast member T_Blatt which shared that these seats are actually not allowed, likely for safety reasons as they may be a potential fire hazard. You can read more on that here.


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Although the knowledge of collapsable chairs being a banned item was very shocking news to many, the guest reactions may have Disney double-thinking their choice. The theme park is currently being dragged by guests who are stating that they are removing accessibility items from those who need it.

One guest said, “this is literally an accessibility issue; why isn’t seating allowed?” another said, “would they take it from somebody who has a mobility aid? I use crutches and a cane sometimes and can’t stand for long periods of time.”

The comments continue with another guest noting, “Things like this are needed for folks with disabilities, though I can’t stand for long periods of time due to my mobility issue.” From this, we can see that guests with mobility issues specifically are speaking out as to why the chairs are essential for them.

Wheelchairs at Disney World
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Others noted that they do not need a wheelchair, but collapsable chairs “ease the pain” that the long lines do cause. Many are accusing Disney of using this as a way to make more money. It is suggested that by taking away these chairs, guests will spend more money on Disney Genie+, wheelchairs, and in turn, even food and drinks due to exhaustion. The complaint of Disney having very little seating for the number of guests that attend their parks was also brought up. It seems that guests have issues with the current seating situation in the theme parks and believe that guests have to resort to bringing their own chairs. Universal Orlando Resort was brought up as a comparison to a theme park with adequate seating.

Another guest confirmed the object ban as she noted her brother bought the chair only to have it confiscated at security. Others did note that they still are seeing the chairs pop up in the theme parks, however.

Overall, if you are someone who relies on a collapsable chair to wait in long lines at Disney, it seems that you are always at risk of having the chair taken from you when entering the theme parks.

What do you think about Disney’s latest ban? Are you in agreement? 

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