New ‘Coco’ Showcase at Disney Hotel Reveals Shocking Detail

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Miguel and Dante in 'Coco'

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Pixar may have over two decades of cinematic gems, but one of their most beloved creations, Coco, has been a constant presence at the Disneyland Resort. Disney puts on a full spooky Halloween display to capitalize on the time-honored American holiday. Yet, they also showcase an equally cherished Mexican tradition, known as ‘Dia de Los Muertos,’ or ‘Day of the Dead.’ This culturally celebrated event attracts countless guests who look to share in the festivities.

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The celebration of this holiday arrives in tandem with Halloween time at the resort. the area of Paradise Gardens at Disney California Adventure (DCA) transforms into ‘Plaza de la Familia.’ It is an immersive experience that educates guests about the esteemed holiday, as well as presents activities to demonstrate the everlasting bond of family.

Plaza de Familia inspired by Pixar's Coco at Disney California Adventure
Credit: Disneyland Resort

This overlay is themed after the animated film, Coco, which centers around a young musician who accidentally is transported to the “Land of the Dead.” This new world teaches him the importance of family while learning to pursue one’s true passions in life.

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DCA includes a heartwarming performance, “A Musical Celebration of Coco,” where performers retell the story of Miguel’s journey while singing a medley of its most popular songs. The area also features the legendary ‘Tree of Life,’ which give guests the opportunity to write messages dedicated to their loved ones, then hang them on the tree.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Guests can also design their own “spirit animals” and have character meet-and-greets with Miguel. There are also a variety of musical performances that play Mexican and other Latin-themed music. While this area next to Pixar Pier is a massive draw each year, Disney has now extended the world of Coco to the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Credit: Scott Gustin, via Twitter

A new exhibit has appeared in the lobby of the hotel connected to DCA. Guests and Disney fans can appreciate the expert craftsmanship of Disney’s culinary artists who have sculpted an eye-popping, edible display. The colorful structure depicts Miguel with his guitar and his spirit animal, Dante. They are standing on the iconic Bridge of Marigold flowers with the vivid “Land of the Dead” in the background.


New Coco Halloween time Foodie Display at Disney Grand Californian Hotel inside Disneyland Resort NOW until Nov 2nd. Miguel, dante and the guitar are all covered in flour, cake and food items. go see this before i eat it. Follow for more Disneyland Food, news and Magical Finds! #disneyland #disneylandfood #disneyparks #disneylandnews #disneylandtips #disneylandhalloween #coco #dayofthedead #diademuertos

♬ Un Poco Loco – Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo & Gael García Bernal

Despite the sheer beauty and detail, guests have discovered that monument is made up entirely of chocolate. Unfortunately, onlookers cannot pull a “Willy Wonka” and try to eat the vibrant formation. Nonetheless, the crowd-pleasing presentation dedicated to one of Pixar’s biggest animated classics is fully assembled and accessible to all guests.

The chocolate Coco display and ‘Plaza de La Familia’ will be available to guests during Halloween time at the Disneyland Resort until October 31, 2023.


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