Marvel Makes History, Preserved for Future Generations

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In good news for literary fans, Marvel makes history by officially becoming a member of the Penguin Classics collection. Did you know that comic books were once illegal in the United States? That some remain illegal in first-world countries like Canada?

Yet through comics and graphic novels, we can preserve lore through imagery and the written word, making this a massive triumph for fans of Marvel Comics.

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Marvel Universe Wins Big Thanks to Penguin

In the age of information, the art of preserving timely comics is important. This allows Marvel Entertainment enthusiasts a chance to follow a universe slated to remain in the history books (literally). It started when Penguin published Marvel Comics under its banner, and experts say that this is a way to “show the world that comics are indeed literature!”

Some examples of the immortalized Marvel Comics include Black Panther, Captain America, and The Amazing Spider-Man. It proved such a success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Marvel Studios that a second edition went to the Penguin presses. Among the new releases are X-Men, The Avengers, and Fantastic Four. 

Sue Storm in Fantastic Four Comic
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Success For Marvel Studios Stems from Marvel Comic Success

According to the experts who contributed to the publication, “classic” is open to interpretation, and encapsulating the concept of “greatness” is subjective. The idea is to find timely comics representing current issues that can help the next generation of actors, and comic book writers find inspiration.

The Marvel Universe includes powerful characters and messages that allow for extrapolation beyond the comic and into film, television, cosplay, and fan fiction. Publishing professionals say Marvel Comics “inspired me to create my own comics.”

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Among the superhero characters that offered inspiration are:

These represent a few of the well-known Marvel characters. Per the notes of those contributing to the “classic” collection through Penguin, asserting this type of art’s literary importance is paramount. The characters hold essential values, and the storylines carry moral messaging to readers, inspiring questions about ethics and serious consideration of eternal issues.

Council of Reeds, Marvel Comics
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Why Retaining Canon Marvel Comic Material Matters

From Stan Lee to Simu Liu, Ms Marvel to Secret Invasion, there is no shortage of storylines and names within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But without the canonical benefit of Marvel Comics, the source material can get lost in the shuffle. Lore expressed through this medium provides accessible messaging for all ages while holding a lens to society.

By including this material as Penguin Classics, Marvel makes history and provides valuable insight into the past, the present, and cultural shifts. Marvel Comics are available both online and through most major retailers. The Marvel Studios content remains available through Disney+.

What are your thoughts on turning a comic book into a classic? Make your mark down below! 

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