Joe Jonas Reveals Marriage-Ending Secret, Sophie Tuner Caught on Ring Camera

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Joe Jonas and Sophie turner now headed for divorce

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This truly is an S.O.S. for all Jonas x Turner fans out there.

It is no surprise that anything the Jonas Brothers do will make national headlines, especially if a scandal is involved.

Remember that first time you heard the Jo Bros rendition of “Poor Unfortunate Soul” come on between Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens, and you thought to yourself, “who ARE these guys?!”. The Jonas Brothers fandom only continued to grow as songs like “SOS”, “Year 3000”, and “Burnin’ Up” became the thing Disney fans looked forward to as their commercial break.

The Jonas Brothers are reportedly reuniting and going on tour
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Then, at the height of the Jonas Brothers fandom, in 2009, the brothers signed on for a Disney Channel show called Jonas, which would be loosely based on their lives. This would follow Camp Rock, where Joe, Nick, and Kevin, would share some on-screen time in the Disney Channel Original Movie alongside Demi Lovato.

The show would go on to last two seasons, and then, three years after its finale, the Jonas Brothers would announce that they would be pursuing solo careers and go their separate ways.

The three recently went on their ‘Happiness Begins’ tour based on their new album before the pandemic, and as someone who attended, I can say that all these years later, hearing “Burnin’ Up” still doesn’t get old!

Jonas Brothers
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Now, the brothers are still reunited and are currently on tour following their release of “The Album”, their latest album.

Prior to Joe Jonas taking over the tabloids with his split from future ex-wife and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas’ small fall on stage dominated social media news. Nick was not at all injured, but was overtly sexualized by fans. If a stumble can claim headlines online, one may imagine how large of a scandal an unexpected divorce may be.

Over the past week, rumors of a split between Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner have been causing fans of the couple to crumble, as many did not expect the two to ever split. They have been married for four years, and have won over the hearts of all their fans. The two share two daughters, their oldest is named Willa, and their youngest has never had her name publically mentioned.

joe jonas and sophie turner
Credit: Joe Jonas

People reported, “The Jonas Brothers singer, 34, filed on Tuesday in Miami for a dissolution of marriage from the actress, 27, documents obtained by PEOPLE confirm. The filing claims “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken.”

In April 2018, Turner opened up about her fiancé, telling Marie Claire that it’s “lovely to be engaged.”

“Not like I achieved anything, but I found my person like I’d find a house that I love and want to stay in forever,” she said, adding that there is a “sense of peace that comes with finding your person.” These loving words have taken a sharp turn since then, as the couple is now headed for quits.

As we know, Joe is the one who filed for divorce and a close source to Joe did note that divorce was a last resort for the Disney star, and that the reason for their divorce was obviously irreparable. The looming gloom from the statement has had many wondering what could have happened to have Joe feeling like he had no other option but to leave Sophie. That, coupled with the fact that Joe has kept his two daughters on tour with him instead of Sophie, has raised some eyebrows.

joe jonas and sophie turner
Credit: Sophie Turner

It seems that Joe and Sophie attempted to stuff the rumors by releasing a joint statement that noted their divorce was amicable.

NBC shared the news, “After four wonderful years of marriage, we have mutually decided to amicably end our marriage. There are many speculative narratives as to why but, truly, this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.”

This narrative, of course, attempts to paint an entirely different picture than what the rest of the world was thinking, making the split look a lot less messy than the media was perceiving it to be.

But, you cannot hide the truth forever.

Now, a shocking secret has been revealed, and it seems that Joe has been protecting Sophie from the media discovering it. Even though it appears she is the one who caused this severe damage, Joe wrote what is now appearing to likely be a false statement to get the media off of Sophie’s back. This makes sense as it would also help his divorce move through smoothly, but new information has leaked.

It has now been revealed that Ring camera footage secretly caught Turner saying something that let Jonas know the marriage was done for.

Jonas Brothers
Credit: Sophie Turner

TMZ noted, “Joe Jonas saw/heard something with Sophie Turner that was the last straw in his decision to file for divorce, and it involves a ring camera.

Multiple sources who have direct contact with Joe tell TMZ … Joe had access to a ring cam that he said captured Sophie saying and/or doing something that made him realize the marriage was over.”

The two have been living separately for months, and have been reportedly not getting along. It seems a significant difference in lifestyles was the main cause of the marriage ending. As one source put it, “She likes to party; he likes to stay at home. They have very different lifestyles.”

As to what was both seen and heard by Joe, that information is not yet public but it seems that only time will unravel what really happened between the two. At the moment, it seems that fans of the couple will likely side with Jonas based on current findings and evidence.

TMZ did ask Sophie’s team for a statement from the actor, to which nothing was given.

What do you think about the current relationship drama between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas? 

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