Fans Honor Jimmy Buffet by Sharing His Epic ‘Jurassic World’ Cameo

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Jimmy Buffet on Guitar

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The world awoke to the news that the “Mayor of Margaritaville” died. The legendary Jimmy Buffet passed away from skin cancer at the age of 76, and the tributes for the singer have begun to pour in. Tributes from John Stamos, Elton John, President Joe Biden, and more came rolling in. Though the man never had much of a film career and never needed it, fans have been honoring the King of Cool with videos of his epic Jurassic World (2015)cameo.

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RIP Jimmy Buffett who had .25 seconds of screen time in Jurassic World and knew exactly how to use it.

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What makes the Jimmy Buffet cameo that much more hilarious than him grabbing a couple of margaritas while fleeing impending danger is the fact that he takes a quick drink.

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The best part of Jimmy Buffett’s brief cameo in Jurassic World was you can see him start to take a drink from the margaritas he’s rescuing just as the camera cuts away.

User Caleb Howe focused on the drink at the end of the cameo, which he certainly can’t get enough of. Again, it’s one thing for Jimmy Buffet to run away with margaritas, but taking a drink takes this moment to another level.

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RIP Jimmy Buffett. You’re a real one for this ‘Jurassic World’ cameo.

Jimmy Buffet is a real one, and many people often regard him as the coolest guy in the room. We aren’t sure what is cooler than saving a couple margaritas while running from real-life dinosaurs.

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RIP Jimmy buffett ill always remember how you ran with two margaritas in jurassic world

We wonder how long it would have taken Jimmy Buffet to drop or spill one of those margaritas. Then again, considering his restaurant chain and songs highlighted his appreciation and obsession with the alcoholic beverage, we imagine he saved his drinks without spilling a drop.

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Jimmy Buffett saving two margaritas in Jurassic World was the best. RIP legend

It is so hilarious that many people appreciate such a random scene. Jurassic World attempted to reignite everyone’s love for the Jurassic Park franchise, but it was certainly enhanced by the fact that Jimmy Buffet was in the film for a mere few moments.

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Jimmy Buffet cameo’d as the Margarita Man in #JurassicWorld RIP legend

For those that appreciate the background on films and behind-the-scenes info, Buffet had the perfect character name of “Margarita Man.”

Jimmy Buffet singing
Credit: LA Times/ Inside the Magic

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Jimmy Buffet is an American icon, and plenty of people worldwide have appreciated his cool demeanor for decades. While everyone will never forget him for his iconic songs, “Margaritaville” and “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere,” he will always be remembered for running away with margaritas in Jurassic World. Rest in peace, Mr. Buffet.

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