More Changes Coming to Disney World’s Monorail System

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Disney World's Green Monorail pulling into a station inside Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney

Some further changes are coming to Disney World’s monorail system.

EPCOT Line Monorail at Disney World
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Disney World and Its Struggling Monorail System

Inside The Magic has been covering the ever-growing Disney World monorail system changes. The system, for lack of a better term, is severely outdated and in need of some significant refurbishments. It would appear that the first wave of refurbishments came through last month into early August. The DTD Monorail station got a fresh, beautiful paint job.

It is usual for the monorail system to close down for extensive refurbishments now and again, but there is no news yet on a significant closure coming anytime soon, as far as we know. Things could change, so it’s best to be alert and pay attention to the WDW app if you’re going to the parks to enjoy some attractions and food.

Magic Kingdom and the monorail at sunset
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Disney’s Green Monorail System to Shut Down for Refurbishments

As announced today, the Monorail Green line will be shut down for refurbishment as new paint jobs, and possibly some other significant fixings are for this monorail. This is part of the refurbishments first announced in 2019.

Starting in 2019, comprehensive updates were undertaken for the entire monorail fleet. This initiative involved the installation of fresh braking systems, revamped interiors, and a complete exterior repaint. The refurbishment commenced with Monorails Silver, Green, and Black from June to December 2019, culminating with the final phase for Monorail Lime in August 2022.

Notably, most of these monorails also received new delta-shaped designs, a modification that raised curiosity due to its apparent incongruence with the existing monorail colors. Interestingly, in December 2022, Monorail Black underwent further enhancement as a crimson pinstripe accent was introduced, an alteration still evident alongside its new crimson delta motifs.

Inside one of the carts of Disney World's monorail system
Credit: Heritage Auction

The Disney World Monorail system is a unique and iconic mode of transportation at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. It’s a network of monorail trains that provide convenient transportation between certain resort hotels and the theme parks within the resort. The system is functional and recognizable because of Disney’s commitment to innovation and guest experience.

Key features of the Disney World Monorail system include:

  1. Transportation: The monorail system primarily serves as a means of transportation for guests traveling between select resort hotels, the Magic Kingdom park, and other nearby attractions. It allows visitors to travel swiftly and conveniently without the need for different modes of transportation.
  2. Theming and Experience: Each monorail train is designed with a specific theme, often featuring popular Disney characters and motifs. This adds to the overall immersive experience of being in a Disney park. The monorail windows also provide unique views of the resort as they pass through and above various areas.
  3. Accessibility: The monorail is designed to accommodate guests with mobility challenges, such as wheelchairs or strollers. It provides an accessible mode of transportation between specific locations within the resort.
  4. Efficiency: The monorail system operates on a dedicated track, allowing smooth and efficient movement between destinations. This can be particularly advantageous during peak attendance when other transportation options are crowded.
  5. Iconic Symbol: The monorail has become an iconic symbol of the Walt Disney World Resort. It is often associated with the magic and innovation Disney aims to provide its guests.

The monorail routes have historically included loops that connect the Magic Kingdom park with certain Disney resort hotels, such as Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

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