Disney World Will Lose Nearly a Quarter of a Billion Dollars in Legal Battle

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Disney World will lose nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in its fight against its own Reedy Creek District, now the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, run by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is also in a legal battle with WDW.

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Disney World and Reedy Creek – The Lawsuit That Started It All

Disney World is in a legal battle with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, run and operated by Ron DeSantis, who has a never-ending feud with Disney.

In their legal action filed in a federal court, Disney alleges they are confronting a “targeted governmental action,” which they claim Governor DeSantis has been orchestrating. Surprisingly, they characterize it as a retaliatory measure in response to Disney’s previous statements. This ongoing dispute adversely affects Disney’s business strategies, creating uncertainties about their future in the area and raising concerns about potential violations of their constitutional rights.

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Central Florida Tourism Oversight District to Spend Over $6 Million in Legal Battle With Disney

WDWMagic unveiled a fresh report not too long ago, shedding light on the Central Florida Oversight Tourism District’s allocation of over $6 million in their ongoing dispute with Walt Disney World. The report highlights information presented during the recent CFTOD board meeting, where administrator Glen Gilzean outlined expenditure strategies related to the District’s legal clash with WDW. As per the board meeting, CFTOD has already disbursed nearly $2 million in their legal battle since the lawsuit’s initiation. Gilzean also discussed their intentions to allocate an additional $4.5 million for the fiscal year 2024.

Glen Gilzean Becomes New Administrator for Disney’s Governing District, Will Earn as Much as a US President
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Chairman for DeSantis Board Exits Post

Recent news has brought attention to the resignation of the Chairman of the Disney governing district due to his violation of a Florida state law. Glen Gilzean stepped down as the Chairman of CFTOD following revelations of his simultaneous involvement in two distinct government positions, violating Florida law prohibiting public figures from serving on multiple panels. This situation placed Gilzean in a dilemma, as he held the position of Chairman while also serving as Chief of Governor Ron DeSantis’ Disney district. Additionally, he is resigning from his work on Florida’s Ethics Commission.

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New Report Claims Disney World Will Lose Tens of Millions of Dollars in Fight Against the CFTOD

New information has surfaced thanks to industry insider and journalist Scott Gustin, who reported today that The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District seeks to spend millions of dollars in legal expenses during the battle with Disney World Resort. The sad news is that this would mean Disney is paying for both sides, ultimately losing $186,673,201.

The CFTOD anticipates millions in legal expenses as part of the battle with Disney – and Disney is paying for both sides of the fight.

The district collected $186.7 million in property taxes in 2023. Disney paid $161.1 million, per

The District will collect more money over time as Disney will lose out in millions, potentially reaching nearly half a billion dollars once this legal battle is over, which currently has no end.

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