Disney’s New Event Crashes and Burns, Guests Left Without Answers

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Disneyland Paris is again under scrutiny following a series of unfortunate events that have caused a brand-new Annual Passholder event to crash and burn after guests were left without answers and a broken site.

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Disneyland Paris – Disney Resort Not Doing Great This Year So Far

As mentioned above, this Disney Resort has suffered a series of misshapes this calendar year. Just a week ago, guests were asked to vacate one park to visit the other as the Resort suffers from high wait times and large crowds migrating to one specific park. The Walt Disney Studios Park seems to be the place for all the guests to be, considering that DLP has asked quests to return to this park later in the day to help out with crowd levels.

According to the DLP Report on Twitter, the Disney Resort is even stopping guests from purchasing and adding add-ons to their Extra Plus menu. DLP also closed two famous parades, “Dream…and Shine Brighter” and Disney D-Light.” The Disney Jr. Dream Factory is shutting down briefly between September 25 and October 20. But that would make up several different shows going down at once.

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Mass Passholder Exodus From DLP?

On August 19, it was reported that Disneyland Paris resumed its sales of annual passes. But the program has been a total disaster since day one. The program’s prices have increased substantially, leading to a mass exodus of pass holders from Disneyland Paris. The price increase also came with the removal of several Passholder benefits, including the following:

  • Free luggage store
  • Pushchair hire
  • Wheelchair hire
  • Kennel access
  • The VIP viewing area for the parade and Disney Dreams
  • and more

This came after DLP reversed a controversial ban that did not initially allow pass holders to enter the parks with a mobile device; instead, they had to show a physical pass. But as photos have shown, pass holders are no longer putting up with this type of treatment from this Disney Park.

Recently, a new event was announced exclusively for Disneyland Paris pass holders that have proven disastrous.

A few guests walk through a foggy Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Paris
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Villainous Night Announced for Disneyland Paris

Villainous Night is a special ticketed event for DLP pass holders occurring today, August 31, 2023, at 11 a.m. CET. It will run from 9:45 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., but those with tickets can enter the parks as early as 6:30 p.m.

“Visitors shall behold the astonishing metamorphosis of Disneyland Park into an enigmatic and foreboding domain, where shadowy denizens of malevolence abide…”

These evil characters extend a “grand expedition” to attendees to unearth valuable relics concealed within the most obscure recesses of the park. Attendees will have the opportunity to don disguises.”

But pass holders have not been too happy as the website for purchasing the tickets has been down for quite some time, and the queue to wait in a virtual line has been a horrible experience.

Another ticket release another mess for Villainous Night, as Guests are either unable to access the booking site or directed to pages with no tickets in sight.

Guests took to social media to voice their concerns over the lack of professionalism and urgency to fix the website issues prohibiting pass holders from obtaining tickets to this evening’s event. This will undoubtedly become another misshape for this already struggling Disney park.

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