Disney Supports United N**** College Fund, Despite Outdated Phrasing

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Disney Continues Supporting United N College Fund, Despite Outdated Phrasing

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The Walt Disney Company has cultivated a “woke” reputation. This is despite the fact that Disney continues supporting the United N**** College Fund (UNCF), which many find to use outdated terms towards the BIPOC community.

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Disney UNCF Corporate Scholars

Disney continues supporting the UNCF, announcing the different institutions that Walt Disney Studios and Disney World support for that year. According to the Walt Disney Company release, these include “many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).”It acknowledges the very real racism present at Disney World, reported by cast members.

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The UNCF Corporate Scholars that Disney Continues Supporting

Per the release, Walt Disney Company noted, “Disney’s support of UNCF scholars includes scholarships, mentorship, internship opportunities, professional development, and career exploration workshops.” This comes as Disney is being added to classrooms across the world.

The program includes a cohort opportunity with FX Studios, per the FX Storytelling Legacy Scholarship. It’s the first year that Disney UNCF Corporate scholars partnered with Anden Rhoden Fellows for a unique opportunity to learn about journalism from a New York Times expert. National Geographic Content is another part of the UNCF Disney support, joining in 2021.

Despite the opportunity for growth, many Walt Disney World fans and critics noted severe problems with the approach. Many of these suggest that Walt Disney Studios is less “woke” than it appears.

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Disney Continues Supporting the UNCF, Doxxing Scholars, and Using the N-Word

Systemic problems refer to the larger structures that support and propagate systems of oppression. Disney CEO Bob Iger may appear woke due to Walt Disney Studios’ changes and ongoing support of scholarship. However, the complete list of names, schools, and even academic majors is at the bottom of the Walt Disney Company release. CNN reports on the dangers of doxxing, even when it appears innocent and straight from the good heart of the Walt Disney Company.

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Using N**** and Other Sensitive  Languages, Yet ABC News Notes Otherwise

Walt Disney World Resort goes out of its way to promote inclusion and diversity. Yet, according to ABC News, a Walt Disney Co. property, the words it uses are insensitive. Among the examples, ABC lists are “master” bedrooms, “blacklists,” and the more obvious ones like the n-word. Shockingly, it’s used in the very college fund that their parent company, Disney, supports: the UNCF.

The Walt Disney Company lists personal information about BIPOC members in the very same place it claims to assist them. In essence, this is a microcosm of a systemic issue. The system Disney uses to provide support has a flaw (using the n-word). Supporting them means offering opportunities to marginalized communities, but risks harming those Disney reportedly seeks to help.

What do you think about how “woke” Disney Parks, movies, and initiatives are? Make your mark in the comments below!

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