Disney Releases New Marvel, ‘Coco’ and ‘Zootopia’ Experiences

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As Disney celebrates their 100th anniversary as a company, it is boggling to comprehend how much entertainment they have created in a century. Disney fans all have their favorite creations, from Aurora to Aladdin to Ant-Man. The company is aware that their impact has a direct line into decades of generational nostalgia. So Disney will now dive into three of their most popular properties to bring guests new treasured experiences.

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Disney is a dominating force in the entertainment world. They are like the U.S. military with a prominent presence on the land (Disneyland, Walt Disney World), the air (The Walt Disney Travel Company, Adventures by Disney), and of course, the sea. The Disney Cruise Lines have been a favored travel destination for Disney lovers since 1995.

They have brought maritime magic to guests with their four colossal ocean liners — The Dream, The Fantasy, The Magic, and The Wonder. Each vessel provided a variety of experiences that included musical performances, character meet-and-greets, deck parties, nightclub events, and family-friendly pool shenanigans.

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Then earlier this year, Disney announced a new cruise liner, Disney Treasure, set to have its maiden voyage at the end of 2024. Disney Nautical fans were highly-anticipating new details of what this new experience would have in store. Disney Treasure will be a sister ship to Disney Wish, as they share nearly the same layout. Yet, instead of a dining experience in Frozen’s Arendelle, Treasure will immerse hungry guests into the ‘Plaza de Coco.’

This vibrant dining experience will continue the story of the Rivera family as they will perform in Mariachi Plaza. They will entertain guests with music from the celebrated classic as attendees dine on modernized Mexican cuisine.

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Disney Treasure will also expand the Worlds of Marvel dining experience that will showcase the stories of fan-favorite Marvel heroes. Spider-Man will headline the event with other amazing guest interactions. Guests can also enroll in the Marvel Super Hero Academy where Avengers like Spidey, Ant-Man and Black Panther will train young true-believers.

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Guests can then get a sweet-tooth fix at the Jumbeaux Café inspired by Disney’s Zootopia. It will be an all-pink Victorian-style location that will offer handmade gelato, ice cream, sorbets, candies and other specialty treats to add to the already stacked amount of dining experiences.

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Aside from introducing these three massive franchises, the major selling point of the new ship will also be the inclusion of an intricate treasure hunt. Guests can mark the ‘X’ on their spot as Captain Minnie will offer explorers a chance to seek a mysterious fortune. Disney’s latest cruise liner has certainly constructed an event that will float almost everyone’s boat.

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Disney Treasure is scheduled to set sail on December 21, 2024.

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