Disney Announces Lorcana Timeframe, Fans Worry About Price Gouging

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Fans of the neoclassic card game can finally exhale, as Disney’s Lorcana series two just got an official release timeline. The only concern: brokering and price-gouging replacing the magic with manipulation.

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How Disney’s Lorcana Game Works

A quick breakdown of the newly iconic foil card game, the Lorcana Card series is a trading card game provided by Ravensburger. Disney Lorcana TCG offers a fresh take on classics like “Magic: The Gathering” and “Pokémon.” Each round is a race to 20 points, called lore. There are 60 cards in the starter pack, but fans can get 12 randomized cards in a booster pack.

The deck includes an insert with tokens marked -1 and -3. These record damage to your character card during a turn. It tracks the total from zero to 20 points in conjunction with the playmat. For those on the techier side, the magical ink tracks into the meta. There’s a Disney Lorcana app for both Android and iOS.

Disney Lorcana Mickey Mouse -- Brave Little Tailor
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Disney’s Lorcana, the Trading Card Game

Quickly after its release, Disney’s Lorcana game drew massive popularity across generations. The first series of the Lorcana card game sold out like proverbial hotcakes. Some local game store spots got stock early but only received a partial supply.

There was a brief incidence of local game store spots overpricing the items in-store and online at a high markup.

That meant a shortage of the newly beloved Disney characters and missed opportunities for card game enthusiasts to play. According to reports, the “magic” company found a solution for Disney fans.

Mickey Mouse using magic from Disney's Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game
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Disney Announces Lorcana Update

The official news surrounding the release of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter. According to @DisneyLorcana, “Additional booster product will start arriving in North American local game stores in October. We are also reprinting Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter, which will be available starting in Q1 2024 in North America and Europe.”

This means that though the second series comes out next month, anyone in North America or Europe who missed series one is left to wait for Disney’s Lorcana reprint to come through.

Disney Lorcana announcement shown through Maleficent card
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Fans Worry About Accessing Disney Lorcana Card Game

Per reports, Disney fans aren’t content about current market controls on the item cards. Concern started when the first action card game edition sold at high prices, even for board games. One fan, on Board Game Geek @RetroShovel stated,

“I like Lorcana and have enjoyed playing it on my computer. I even preordered a ton of it from my local friendly game store. However, I was informed by them that they are not going to get any of what they preordered.”

Disney Lorcana cards were either unavailable or inaccessible to those who planned to play the game. Ideally, the free market will take hold and those Disney Lorcana fans can get the sought after game before price gougers do.

What do you think about Disney’s Lorcana trading card game? Do your damage in the comments down below and share the lore!

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