Rare Disney Items Continues to Face Price Gouging, Even From Certified Sellers

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Scrooge McDuck Diving into his money bin.

Credit: Walt Disney Productions

Fans can get a bit overzealous regarding specific exclusive Disney merchandise. But even more than the fans, some resellers acquire rare merch, placing said items online for ridiculous prices. However, it is now being reported that some exclusive Disney items are now facing price gouges from certified sellers.

Highly demanded Figment Popcorn Bucket sold during the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts creating long lines at Disney World
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Some of the craziest instances of the mayhem caused by Disney merch have been from the exclusive popcorn buckets, such as the Figment popcorn bucket that had dropped at Walt Disney World. Some guests waited around six hours to get the exclusive bucket. Resellers naturally did as well, placing the bucket online for $200+.

We understand that fans want to get their hands on some of the most exclusive merchandise, but they shouldn’t have to be paying ridiculous prices for said merch.

One of the newest Disney properties that has started to release is Disney Lorcana, the new tabletop card game that sees players play cards that feature some of the most prominent characters from the franchise. Though the game is not officially released until September 1, certified sellers are starting to release the game, but with a far higher price point.

‘Disney Lorcana’ Faces Price Gouging From Game Stores

Mickey Mouse using magic from Disney's Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game
Credit: Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana has started to be released over the past half year, but it has not been easy for most fans to get the exclusive cards. For instance, a free Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor card was given out at D23 last year. However, once certain people acquired that free card, it would be put online for hundreds of dollars—some going as high as $1,500.

Gen Con Happened in early August; the convention highlighting tabletop games is the biggest in the United States. Disney Lorcana creators Ravensburger had a booth set up, offering a starter pack containing the Mickey Musketeer card.

Mayhem ensued, with some fans waiting for hours in a line invaded by cutters and general confusion. Gen Con typically does not allow overnight lines. Still, they had to comply with the hundreds of people attempting to get their hands on the rare starter pack.

Now, while Disney Lorcana is close to releasing on September 1, certified sellers have already started to roll out the new card packs. The problem is that many of these game stores that have placed them up for sale have been cashing in on the rarity of the items.

The booster packs from TCGPlayer.com usually have an MSRP of $6 but are up for sale for $15.

Illumineer’s Trove collection has an MSRP of $49.99 but has an average price of $113

The Gift Set has an MSRP of $29.99 but has ballooned to $63.99.

There are reports that Walmarts in Florida, Idaho, South Carolina, and Louisiana have begun selling the Disney Lorcana merchandise early, possibly because of internal error.

Many Lorcana Facebook groups and Reddit pages have also indicated that many local and certified sellers have been selling the card packs at significantly higher prices.

The issue is that many major retailers selling the items close to their MSRP price points have not yet received the items. A huge shipment is said to be released in September, so some of the smaller stores have been trying to cash in on the rarity of the cards.

This situation is much worse because certified sellers should not try to price gouge fans like resellers. Resellers make it difficult for fans to get their hands on these items without shelling out hundreds of dollars for free items or ones that cost less than $50.

eBay listings of Disney Lorcana promo cards
Credit: eBay (Screenshot ITM)

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We hope that whatever stores are trying to sell the items right now will adjust their prices when September 1 hits. For now, we recommend fans wait until the major retailers drop their lines of Disney Lorcana. Otherwise, you might be stuck paying hundreds of dollars for a card pack that costs $6.

What do you think of stores charging higher prices for Disney Lorcana cards? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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