Disney Popcorn Bucket Goes Viral, Fans Booking Park Passes Just to Get It

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Disneyland Railroad Main Street popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

Disney is well-known for its exclusive merchandise, especially items sold exclusively at only one Park. A new item celebrating the House of Mouse’s 100 years has gone viral, resulting in Guests booking tickets to Disneyland just to get their hands on it.

Sword and the Stone Plush Disney100
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The 100th anniversary of the Magical Kingdom has already kicked off, bringing with it items that span the many decades of the company’s history. For instance, fans of the 1970s can preorder a Magical Band+ featuring Robin Hood, Lady Marian, and more characters from the classic 1973 animated feature.

The eras covered in the 100-year celebration go back to the 1920s, which feature items like the Steamboat Willie Mickey and Minnie plush dolls and a Magical Band+ that features classic characters like Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow. Most era items are available to purchase or preorder on the Disney website.

Despite being able to purchase many great items that date back to characters and films from decades ago, Guests are now starting to see what Park-exclusive items are offered at certain Parks. For instance, Disneyland in California offers a rare popcorn holder that has gone viral on TikTok.

Disneyland Reveals 100th Anniversary Mickey Railroad Popcorn Bucket


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Disney Parks posted the video of the new Mickey popcorn holder on their official TikTok page. The video showcases the popcorn holder in great detail, which features Mickey playing the conductor for the famous Disneyland Railroad. To add even more uniqueness to the item, you can remove the smokestack from the popcorn holder, which allows everyone to blow into it, mimicking the sound of a train.

On top of the removable smokestack, the train will move on the ground with a simple tug of the lanyard it comes with and features a functional light. A compartment near where Mickey is housed opens to reveal a place to hold your popcorn box. Honestly, this popcorn holder is fantastic and one that fans already book passes to secure.

Replying to the official Disney reveal of the popcorn holder, user @Samanthamichaelis stated:

Guess we are going Saturday or Sunday

User @itsherese1_ also indicated booking passes exclusively to secure the epic Mickey popcorn holder:

My sister and mom are making reservations for July 26 just to get this popcorn bucket

Many Guests on the video praised how good the popcorn holder looks, which we certainly agree with. Others are rightfully begging Disney to release the item at Walt Disney World.

@disneygal_ali stated:

please tell me this is coming to WDW!!!!! It would mean the world to me!

@lisakurdyla added:

This needs to get to WDW!!!!!

Disney has not revealed how much this Mickey popcorn holder will be. The Mickey popcorn bucket will be available starting today, July 26, and offered at random popcorn carts throughout Disneyland Park. Hopefully, the Park anticipates the rush it will get for the exclusive bucket and does make people wait in lines like when the Figment popcorn bucket dropped at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

The $25 Figment bucket caused quite a stir in 2022, as some Guests waited a staggering six hours just to add the dragon bucket to their collection. Resellers were also seeking up to $200 for the bucket.

Highly demanded Figment Popcorn Bucket sold during the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts creating long lines at Disney World
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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We hope the Mickey Railroad popcorn bucket will be around the same price and everyone can add this to their collection. We also hope that the wait is not going to be six hours. If you happen to be heading to Disneyland this week, you may want to try and get your hands on this bucket.

What do you think of the Mickey Railroad popcorn bucket? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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