Guest Allegedly Damages Part of Universal’s Newest Attraction

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A surprised minion in front of the Villain-Con Minion Blast sign inside of Universal Studios Florida

Credit: Inside The Magic

A guest allegedly damaged a central prop inside Universal Studios’ latest attraction not even a month into this new ride was open.

A pair of teenagers blast their way through Villain-Con along with several Minions inside the all-new Villain-Con Minion Blast attraction inside Universal Studios Florida
Credit: Inside The Magic / Universal Orlando Resort

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Minion Land is Now Open Inside Universal Studios Florida

Step into the magical world of Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida, where you’re in for a fantastic experience! They’ve brought together an excellent mix of shops and mouthwatering dining spots you won’t miss. Get ready to dive into fun things like the Minion Cafe, Freeze Ray Pops, Bake My Day, Pop-A-Nana, Illumination Theater, The Bank of Evil, and the super exciting Villain-Con Minion Blast ride. And that’s not all! As part of this enchanting upgrade, they’ve also introduced the fantastic Evil Stuff store, conveniently placed right at the exit of the brand-new attraction that had just opened its grand opening today. Now, when you step into Universal Studios Florida, all eyes are on Illumination, making the entrance even more epic!

Universal Just Opened a Brand-New Retail Experience, Which Can Only Mean One Thing...
Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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With the grand opening of Minion Land now complete, Villain-Con Minion Blast also opened its doors not too long ago, bringing the entire new area together for families and guests of all ages to enjoy this unique park section. Now, you and your loved ones can dive into a fresh and exciting ride that’s truly one-of-a-kind at Universal. This attraction brings in a whole new experience in the park that’s never been done before. And here’s the cool part: You can join in on the fun using an app on your phone! Keep track of your scores, take part in challenges, and even more awesome stuff – it’s all in the palm of your hand!

But Universal is already dealing with some misshapes inside the attraction.

A minion hangs upside down as the new Minion Land is shown below with new dining experiences inside Universal Studios Florida
Credit: Inside The Magic / Bioreconstruct on Twitter

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Guest Allegedly Damages the Inside Queue of Villain-Con Minion Blast

In a post recently submitted on Twitter, Alicia Stella, an industry insider and journalist, posted the following:

Minion Blast crocodile now behind stanchions after (supposedly) a guest damaged it. Tank screen itself seems fine.

– Alicia Stella on Twitter 

The alligator appears to be a screen in which the animal swims around and greets guests as they walk by; it has been damaged after some stanchions have been placed to keep guests away. The attraction has only been open for several weeks now, and already, someone has attempted to damage Universal property. It’s best to keep your children or yourself away from such areas inside the queue if it can help to preserve the effort that went into creating such an excellent theme for a great ride.

Hopefully, those barricades will be removed soon, and the prop will be returned to its original form for all guests to enjoy.

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