Entitled Family of 14 Get Caught Skipping Line on Universal Attraction

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Universal Studios Hollywood sign. Image by masbebet christianto from Pixabay

Credit: masbebet christianto from Pixabay

An entitled family of 14 got a rude awakening as they attempted to skip the regular line at an attraction at Universal Hollywood Resort.

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Universal Studios Hollywood sign. Image by masbebet christianto from Pixabay
Credit: masbebet christianto from Pixabay

Stories of Chaos, Magic Moments, and More

Some stories that come to mind when thinking about the craziest and wildest things to occur at theme parks are stories like a Universal Team Member getting attacked by an alleged Disney cast member. Another story involves a Disney World guest encountering an evil spirit while visiting the Resort. In a recent TikTok video, a wife was caught cheating on her husband by the woman’s sister-in-law while inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. Piles of vomit and feces were allegedly reported outside of a Disney World hotel, leading to a story that would have anyone checking out of this place asap.

But the latest story is one of the line jumpers attempting to stray from the regular line and “jump” in the single-rider line on an attraction at Universal Hollywood, thinking they can get away with it. As someone who frequents Disney World and Universal Orlando, this behavior is always seen on rides.

Universal Studios Hollywood globe with Guests around it
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Line Jumpers Fail Miserably After Getting Caught

An individual posted to the r/UniversalHollywood subreddit page with a story that would anger anyone, especially those who utilize the singer-rider lines for the purpose it was intended – for folks looking to ride the attractions alone. Their story tells when they witnessed an entitled family, compiling 14 individuals, attempting to “skip” the regular line on a ride at Universal Hollywood and get in the single-rider line to get on the attraction faster. The family got caught immediately and complained the entire time.

I hope you all get really bad chafing. Blisters. And a weird infection from Jurassic World.

The park is a madhouse today. The biggest family I saw in Single Rider was 14 people. Who of course bitched that they couldn’t be together. I’ve seen people sneak onto a ride with a family member from Single Rider lines.

And the entitlement of these people. I saw a family of 8 come up in the Single Rider Line all with drinks from Starbucks then be assholes when they couldn’t TAKE THEIR DRINKS ON THE MUMMY.

All you people suck.

As an actual Single Rider who gets to come maybe once a year, you suck. All of you suck. Downvote me to hell. I don’t care.

Her story mentions another time a family of eight attempted to ride The Mummy with Starbucks drinks in their hands, thinking they were somehow going to ride an indoor roller coaster with coffee and have nothing lousy take place. Seriously? Their choice of words might seem a little harsh, but can you blame them? Imagine visiting your favorite site on Earth once a year alone and thinking the single-rider lines are full of single-riders.

Stories like these need to be told, regardless of whether folks don’t believe this is worthy news. Single-rider lines need to be that – for single riders only. Families who attempt to get in this line thinking they will somehow trick the system into letting them all on together is outrageous and honestly dumb. But people who play stupid games win stupid prizes. Be better, folks.

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