Taylor Swift in “Danger”, Takes Over Mexico with Security Escorts

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Taylor Swift Eras tour cut out with mob of fans

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Is Taylor Swift in danger? Reports and fans seem to believe that the pop icon is at risk following her high-level security entrance into Mexico, which has caused quite the scene in the city, and quite the stir online.

If you have been paying attention to the music industry over the past few months, you know that Taylor Swift has been single-handedly dominating the nation, and world with her Eras Tour, celebrating all of her past albums in one collective performance. The artist has repeatedly broken Ticketmaster and has fans traveling the globe, following her from show to show, paying thousands for tickets, replicating her costumes, and crying uncontrollably at her performance.

Taylor Swift in "Blank Space"
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As we know, “From the “Lover”-era “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” opened the show to the “Midnights” album cut “Karma” that closed the three-hour-plus musical marathon, Swift left barely any song possibilities unsung.”

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Swift has even been the cause of a “Beast Quake”, which is a Swiftie’s version of an earthquake. CBS News shared the information, “At two “Eras” tour concerts at Seattle’s Lumen Field on July 22 and 23, Swift and her fans managed to make enough noise and movement to actually rock the ground beneath them for four straight hours, causing a “Swift Quake,” according to Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a geology professor at Western Washington University. While the seismic event caused by the concert was not an actual earthquake, its occurrence is still the subject of great curiosity amongst experts and pop fans alike.”

Taylor Swift plays guitar on stage
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Swift has also become so popular that she has impersonators who have been faking their way around Disneyland!

Ashley Leechin, a viral TikToker, has been embarking on a social experiment where she pretends to be Taylor Swift in public, to surprisingly convincing degrees. Leechin visited many places dressed as the singer, convincing millions that Taylor Swift was actually wherever she was. Leechin visited the Disneyland Resort one day, convincing Guests that the legendary singer stopped by for a ride on Space Mountain.

Leechin was accompanied by security while she visited the Resort. Despite the popularity and fame, while fake, Leechin has come out and called the social experiment “horrific.” The impersonator has since received tons of flack from Swifties upset by her attempt to steal Taylor’s identity.

Recently, Swift was in New Jersey for a friend’s wedding, but once her whereabouts were said, fans began to mob the restaurant that she was at. HuffPost reported, “Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley got married Saturday in New Jersey with a star-studded guest list that included Taylor Swift ― and her fans. Celebrities like Zoë Kravitz, Channing Tatum and Lana del Rey were also in attendance. The wedding was a weekend-long event where thousands gathered outside Antonoff and Qualley’s rehearsal dinner after fans heard that Swift was in New Jersey.”

Taylor Swift in "I Bet You Think About Me"
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It was made very clear at that moment that people would stop at nothing to find Swift, even if it meant endangering her safety. One fan, Mollie (@swiftarmy1989) wrote, “Can we all collectively agree that if we see ANYONE sharing Taylor’s location ever again, we do not share or repost the images. At this point it’s a safety precaution as well as respecting her privacy both of which shouldn’t have to be explained but here we are.” Here we can see that there are many who are noticing that this is a certain safety issue for the pop star.

During her entrance to Mexico, Swift was escorted by high-level security and police. Pop Base (@PopBase) shared the video, “Taylor Swift being escorted in Mexico City.”

One user said, “I don’t believe that Taylor Swift needs to hire an escort. But at least that’s something we have in common.” Another rebuttal was, “It is Mexico ok? Your dog needs an escort. They kill you to rob you $5 in there”.

Another said, “Excessive much. Love her, but this is a waste, or is Mexico such a security risk?”, while others commented, “They need to relax. It’s just Taylor not the Pope”. Fans began explaining why this is necessary, stating, “Taylor Swift is a major target and has about 40 active serious stalkers at a given time. Her security level is the highest there is.”

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Many spoke out on her safety, noting that she is always at risk of being in danger due to her immense popularity, and not that she is beginning her international leg of the Eras Tour, that she remains in danger. Luckily, there is not a specific threat being made by anyone at this time, so these safety precautions are just that.

Taylor has had a major win lately, after witnessing the fall of Scooter Braun, the man who sold all of Taylor’s masters of all her music. Taylor has openly spoken out against Scooter, and has been re-recording past albums as “Taylor’s Version” to own her music once again.

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