‘Snow White’ Actress Demands More Money, “I Deserve To Be Paid”

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Zegler and animated Snow White

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Entertainers deserve fair pay, but Disney’s Snow White actress Rachel Zegler made some extreme requests from the Walt Disney Company for her time.

Snow White and her prince kissing in the animated classic, Rachel Zegler standing in Snow White dress
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Snow White‘s Rachel Zegler

It’s no secret that there has been much contention about the “woke” Disney Snow White and Rachel Zegler, the actress portraying the classic Disney Princess. With Gal Godet as the Evil Queen and the dwarf concept turned on its head for tact’s sake, it promises to be a rich film. That’s despite the Disney Snow White actress’s comments and looking beyond the seven dwarfs, sleepy, “woke,” or otherwise.

snow white and seven dwarfs dancing in cottage
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How Snow White Became a Household Name in 2023

The Walt Disney Company certainly put much effort into getting Disney Snow White into live-action fighting form. At first, there was worry about the original animated film and its issues in the #ImWithHer era of Prince Charming and the sleeping kiss. Later, it was the odd concern over the Latina actress and magical creatures flipping the script to the new millennium.

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Snow White
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Now, it’s a matter of Rachel Zegler’s striking comments, supposedly to support the Los Angeles strikers in their pursuit of fairness. The actor is bold, and that’s promising for Walt Disney Studios. She also goes against the spirit of reinforcing stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean Rachel Zegler or Snow White, is above the scrutiny of the public. And it looks like she made a big Hollywood faux pas.

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Snow White and Rachel Zegler
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Snow White and Rachel Zegler: The Fairest in the Land?

For starters, when it comes to unions, it is up to the negotiators, not the strikers, to bring about change. That’s the whole point. Fran Drescher does the negotiating while actors like the Disney Snow White icon do the picketing. However, just because there is a strike doesn’t mean a Hollywood reporter isn’t around the corner, ready to take notes.

snow white animated version next to Rachel Zegler
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Making Her Hollywood Voice Heard

That’s precisely what happened to Rachel Zegler. According to Snow White News, Rachel Zegler, the actress, commented on the SAG strike. The Snow White live-action Disney icon said, “If I’m going to stand there for 18 hours in a dress of an iconic Disney princess, I deserve to be paid for every hour that it is streamed online.”

Rachel Zegler: Speaking Her Mind and Defending Actors’ Rights

It’s a bold statement, especially for a relatively unestablished Hollywood actress. But Rachel Zegler spoke out loudly and proudly about the effort and time it took to work on a Walt Disney Production. The Disney Snow White actress shines a light on the work that goes into making films and highlights the importance of fairness in the entertainment industry.

What do you think about the Snow White actress Rachel Zegler’s demands? How can we become the fairest in the land? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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