Review Of MCU ‘Loki’ Season One: Does It Warrant a Season 2

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Loki in comic book and show in 'Loki' Season One

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This is a genuine, review of Loki Season One, from a fan of old Norse Loki lore and a first-time viewer of the series. The question behind this Loki season review: Is a Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki Season Two actually worth it?

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Loki Season One Review: The Sacred Timeline of a First Watch

Yes, the Loki Season Two trailer broke records, per Deadline, and that suggests that it’s a worthy watch. But the glorious purpose of this review is to get a first look at the sacred timeline for the first time. To judge Loki Season One, I watched it on Disney Plus and made a judgment call.

This unique perspective offers an objective analysis of Loki’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from someone who loves all things comics, the character Loki, and storytelling. To ensure fairness, the review is broken into different aspects of cinematography.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in 'Loki' Season One
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Categories for a Loki Review

Before completing any Loki Season One review, it’s important to have distinct criteria to judge the Disney Plus and Marvel Studios’ work.

  • Sensory Experience: This encompasses the directing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe piece, along with its production that ranges from its soundtrack, closed captions, costumes, and makeup.
  • Acting Quality: This is the category where I inspect the work of Owen Wilson, Tom Hiddleston, and Jonathan Major. It assesses how well the classic Loki comes through in the acting quality of Ton Hiddleston and those supporting him, like Wunmi Mosaku.
  • Loki’s Second Season Viability: Analyzing the narrative arc behind the classic Loki story and the modern version is essential. The tales of the time keeper amidst the Infinity War aren’t Norse canon, but what is? The variant? A TVA agent popping out of nowhere? Kate Herron giving direction? It comes down to one question. Whether the storyline supports a Loki Season Two.
tom hiddleston as president loki and other loki variants in Loki Season One
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Loki Season One Sensory Experiences

I was ready for a low-key experience, and less classic Loki. Much to my surprise, the energetic music, modern aesthetic, and presence of the still boastful Loki hooked me quickly. From the score to the outfits to actually acknowledging the variant, without being explicit about the metaphor, made it a real masterpiece.

Alligator Loki and the time keeper concept forced an introspection that all the greatest tricksters held dear. Yet unlike the old Norse stories, this Loki variant has the powers of modern TV. Clearly, television was the right media for this, as the colors, sounds, and raw power of the material shone through. It’s likely to continue this trend in the new season.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki-Episode-3-Loki-Falls-Off-TrainLoki-Episode-3-Loki-Falls-Off-Train in 'Loki' Season One
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Acting Quality in Loki Season One

Let’s start with the star that is Tom Hiddleston. It takes something special to become an iconic Marvel Studios god of mischief. Yet somehow he pulled it off. A bit campy, the question of mischief and its role in the universe is prevalent throughout the season. Tom Hiddleston somehow respects the old lore while acting as a variant to its canon.

As a lover of the crime thriller concept and all things related to time travel, what Tom Hiddleston brought to the table was a real phenomenon. The support of Eugene Cordero, Owen Wilson, and Tara Strong only sealed the deal. The acting hit the nail on the head; it was dramatic, without turning overkill.

Loki sitting on stairs as a reference to 'Loki' season one
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Loki’s Second-Season Viability

As a skeptic, I was reticent to take my passion for all things relating to the character Loki and channel them into a Disney Plus binge-watch. Happily, I can report that this was not done in vain. Loki season one holds up.

It makes sense that the trailer broke records. This was one of those Marvel Cinematic Universe series where the moment you complete it, you check if there is more. Hopefully, our collective time variant will bring an equally impressive Loki season two. I plan to be first in line for tickets.

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