Rare Disney Princess Shocks Guests with Dance in Viral Video

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As Disney celebrates their 100th anniversary as a company, it is a daunting thought of how much entertainment they have created in a century. Disney fans all have their favorite creations, from Mickey Mouse to Mary Poppins to Mushu. The Disney parks have made Disney character meet-and-greets a staple since the beginning. The mainstays of Donald Duck, Woody and Buzz, and Chip ‘n’ Dale are always crowd-pleasers, but to witness the sighting of a Disney princess who is not a daily fixture is like capturing a unicorn for many Guests.

Hades at Disneyland
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Mulan has been a cherished Disney movie since its debut in 1998. It is adapted from the poignant and refreshing Chinese folklore of Hua Mulan. During a tumultuous conflict with the merciless army of the Huns, this story centered around a tenacious girl who decided to help her sickly father by impersonating a fictional male soldier from the Fa family named Ping.

Mulan holding her sword in the climax of the animated movie
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Her ancestors summoned a “great protector” to guide and watch over Mulan. Instead, a pint-sized dragon answered the call to earn the respect of the forefathers with help from a tiny and auspicious cricket. Mulan proved her worth by defeating the Huns not once, but twice and saved the Chinese Emperor too. She returned home a national hero and brought honor to her family and her cow.

Mushu from Mulan acting scary
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While this iconic character was not royalty by birth or marriage, Mulan became the first female Disney figure to be installed as an official Disney princess. Her composure and grace under pressure would award her this distinction as she joined others like Princess Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle. Despite her 25th anniversary this year, Mulan is not as frequent a meet-and-greet character compared to others like Princess Aurora or Elsa. So her appearance inside the Parks outside of Chinese New Year is a welcomed sight.

Mulan meeting at EPCOT
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Recently, two Guests “Disney bounding” as Mulan and Captain Li Shang spotted both Mulan and Li Shang across from Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, near Pixie Hollow. Here was the interaction:


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The cherished princess and captain gushed over the Guests’ love of their mythology as one Guest playfully offered a handbag in the shape of the Imperial Crest to the duo. The other tested the durability of Li Shang’s armor. Their interaction continued with a group dance, followed by a bow in respect. The interactions with rarely sighted Disney characters will always be a treat as many put on a show to remind fans why they are fan-favorites.

What did you think of this experience? Should Mulan have a permanent designated area at the Disneyland Resort?

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