Nickelodeon is Targeting a Super Bowl for Kids

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Nickelodeon has been betting big on its sports coverage, allowing games from the NFL to be fun for kids, often incorporating characters like SpongeBob as commentators for big games. The telecasts have gone over well, and the children’s cartoon network will aim to cover the biggest game in the United States: the Super Bowl.

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Nickelodeon is honestly really inventive in trying to bring in a whole new demographic to sports, which is what the network started doing during the regular season of the NFL. Just a short year ago, games were shown on the network that included graphics like slime, SpongeBob’s face in the goalpost during field goal attempts, and also naming players as the NVP (Nickelodeon Most Valuable Player).

The NVP is one of the best aspects of the Nickelodeon coverage, as players that kids voted for would be tracked down at practice and slimed. They were given jars of the infamous slime and a hat that gave off the appearance of the player being covered with it. For instance, during a week two broadcast on Nickelodeon, children voted Tua Tagovailoa from the Miami Dolphins as the NVP. His fellow players doused him with the bottles of slime that Nickelodeon graciously provided.

The telecasts have included long-time commentators covering the games for children like Nate Burleson and Noah Eagle. Nickelodeon would also provide stars like Gabrielle Nevaeh Green to represent the network during the broadcasts of games. What made the broadcasts on Nickelodeon more special is they often contained graphics that would reveal a player’s favorite ice cream or explain the rules of football to children, like what an extra point is.

Nickelodeon is now ensuring they target the biggest game in the states, the Super Bowl.

Nickelodeon Will Broadcast the Super Bowl

Paramount has announced that it will broadcast the Super Bowl on Nickelodeon, bringing the biggest annual game to the kid’s network. Data from Super Bowl LVII in February of this year revealed a reported record-breaking 115.1 million viewers watched the game via Fox, Fox Deportes, and various streaming services. The reported ad revenue from the companies totaled a staggering $600 million.

During the regular broadcasts from Nickelodeon, the same commercials on CBS were also shown on the kid’s network. That might not be the case for the Super Bowl, as the ad space is generally a bit more adult in theme. We imagine that ad revenue might be one of the biggest selling points for Paramount, wanting the big game to be shown on the kid’s network. Still, Nickelodeon could also showcase commercials tailored more toward a younger audience.

As part of the special telecast for the Super Bowl, Nickelodeon has announced that Guest reporters will show up, special on-screen graphics will be shown, and other surprises will be revealed. Though children aren’t generally the demographic that tunes in to watch the Super Bowl, Paramount hopes this new tactic can lead to a fruitful partnership.

The Super Bowl is already going to be shown on CBS. Streaming services like Paramount+ and the newly devised NFL+ app will also live-stream the game. Nickelodeon becoming a new home for the biggest sporting event in the states might also help to bring in an entirely new crowd that will add to the record-breaking viewership the game could receive next year.

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This is also a unique idea, as it can bring together families who often view the game but see their children not be invested at all. The on-screen graphics that explain the game and hearing someone like SpongeBob commentate might allow the game to appeal to children even more. This is a brilliant marketing move and one that could last for years to come.

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