Kevin Feige’s MCU Might Erase A New Project Before It’s Even Released

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Kevin Feige‘s MCU continues to disappoint fans with one promising project already set up for failure before it even releases.

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Everyone knows the MCU is constantly evolving. A dozen stories are told almost every year, connecting several to previous projects or laying the foundation for future stories. While movies like Eternals (2021) didn’t feel very connected when it was first released, over time, the movie’s importance has become more prevalent, and that’s the beauty of the MCU. No matter what, every story suddenly becomes important because it will lead to one moment that changes everything.

For Marvel, they aren’t worried about the next big story because their main focus has been quality. Since VFX studios have exposed Marvel Studios to terrible work conditions and sudden rewrites leading to long hours, Marvel has been in a rough spot. Their movies haven’t impressed fans and it’s because the CGI has been lackluster and sometimes just downright awful.

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Now, fans know that Marvel is the one to blame, and they have vowed to change this for themselves, but with the Writer’s and Actor’s strikes, the company is also in a rough patch. They haven’t delayed many projects yet, but movies like The Marvels (2023) rely on Brie Larson for marketing, but the actress won’t be breaking the rules just to help her upcoming movie. Disney needs Marvel to succeed, but their lineup isn’t in a great spot.

Marvel has been working on one new project to alleviate temporary confusion. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline. A book dedicated to exploring the full timeline of the MCU. There’s just one problem. Marvel doesn’t just continue to add onto the timeline and never add flashbacks. If anything, the book will be out of date by the time Loki Season 2 is finished or when Echo drops because that’s the nature of Kevin Feige’s MCU.

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The official timeline laid out in a book will still be useful, but it probably would’ve been more useful to separate the novel into explaining the timeline for the Infinity Saga and wait to make a sequel after the Multiverse Saga is over.

Marvel released a trailer promising fans a complete understanding of the MCU timeline for what has happened as of right now, and while they will keep that promise, it’s clear that the book will need some serious updates in a year. Here’s the trailer for the book’s release:

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Fans might be excited about this project right now, but it will only be a few years before Marvel has to make a new book that basically erases this book because it’s impossible to create a cohesive timeline for the MCU without admitting that it will be constantly changed and added onto after the book is released.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline will be released on October 24.

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